Store Credit Rebate

Rebate Store Credit

When you make purchases at MTG Mint Card, you can unlock different membership tier and earn up to 5% store credit rebate on all of your future purchases!

Membership Tier Cumulative Purchase Store Credit Rebate
Platinum $3,000 and above 5%
Gold $1,000 - $2999.99 3%
Silver $500 - $999.99 2%
Bronze $200 - $499.99 1%

For example, after you make a $200 purchase, you can get 1% store credit rebate starting from your next purchase (after your first order is shipped).

Once your cumulative purchase reach $500, you can get 2% store credit rebate starting from your next purchase, and so on.

  • Eligible accumulated purchases refers to the net product total amount and exclude any discount, insurance, sales tax, shipping and premium handling charges.
  • Purchase made with existing store credit are not eligible to receive store credit rebate. If you use store credit as partial payment for an order, you will still receive rebate on the remaining balance.
    (Example: You apply $20 store credit to a $100 order, you will receive store credit rebate on the remaining $80.)
  • All store credit rebate earned will be added to your account after your order is shipped.

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