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Your query of Ixalan filter by Japanese Foil returns 279 results.
Product Nameicon triangle UpEditionPriceQty.
アダントの先兵 (Adanto Vanguard)Ixalan-Out of Stock
鉄面提督ベケット (Admiral Beckett Brass)Ixalan$12.99
大気の精霊 (Air Elemental)Ixalan-Out of Stock
古代ブロントドン (Ancient Brontodon)Ixalan$0.39
アングラスの匪賊 (Angrath's Marauders)Ixalan-Out of Stock
選定された助祭 (Anointed Deacon)Ixalan$0.39
秘儀での順応 (Arcane Adaptation)Ixalan-Out of Stock
アルゲールの断血 // アクロゾズの神殿 (Arguel's Blood Fast // Temple of Aclazotz)Ixalan-Out of Stock
穢れを灰に (Ashes of the Abhorrent)Ixalan-Out of Stock
アゾカンの射手 (Atzocan Archer)Ixalan-Out of Stock
定命の枢軸 (Axis of Mortality)Ixalan$2.99
アズカンタの探索 // 水没遺跡、アズカンタ (Search for Azcanta // Azcanta, the Sunken Ruin)Ixalan-Out of Stock
好戦的なブロントドン (Belligerent Brontodon)Ixalan-Out of Stock
吠えるイージサウルス (Bellowing Aegisaur)Ixalan-Out of Stock
再誕の司教 (Bishop of Rebirth)Ixalan-Out of Stock
血潮隊の司教 (Bishop of the Bloodstained)Ixalan-Out of Stock
司教の兵士 (Bishop's Soldier)Ixalan$0.49
立ち枯れの守り手 (Blight Keeper)Ixalan$0.39
目隠し霧 (Blinding Fog)Ixalan-Out of Stock
血に狂った聖騎士 (Bloodcrazed Paladin)Ixalan-Out of Stock
開花のドライアド (Blossom Dryad)Ixalan-Out of Stock
結束した角冠 (Bonded Horncrest)Ixalan$0.54
骨塚協議 (Boneyard Parley)Ixalan$3.99
鉄面連合の海賊 (Brazen Buccaneers)Ixalan$0.39
輝く報復 (Bright Reprisal)Ixalan$0.49
焼熱の太陽の化身 (Burning Sun's Avatar)Ixalan$2.99
饗宴への召集 (Call to the Feast)Ixalan-Out of Stock
取り消し (Cancel)Ixalan-Out of Stock
風雲船長ラネリー (Captain Lannery Storm)Ixalan-Out of Stock
蠱惑的な船員 (Captivating Crew)Ixalan$1.99
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