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Your query of Rivals of Ixalan filter by Japanese Regular returns 197 results.
Product Nameicon triangle UpEditionPriceQty.
提督の命令 (Admiral's Order)Rivals of Ixalan-Out of Stock
攻撃的衝動 (Aggressive Urge)Rivals of Ixalan$0.24
炎鎖のアングラス (Angrath, the Flame-Chained)Rivals of Ixalan-Out of Stock
水中からの侵略 (Aquatic Incursion)Rivals of Ixalan$0.24
オラーズカの拱門 (Arch of Orazca)Rivals of Ixalan-Out of Stock
鮮血流 (Arterial Flow)Rivals of Ixalan$0.24
永遠への旅 // 永遠の洞窟、アザル (Journey to Eternity // Atzal, Cave of Eternity)Rivals of Ixalan-Out of Stock
アゾカンの予見者 (Atzocan Seer)Rivals of Ixalan$0.24
覚醒した融合体 (Awakened Amalgam)Rivals of Ixalan$0.24
アゾールの門口 // 太陽の聖域 (Azor's Gateway // Sanctum of the Sun)Rivals of Ixalan-Out of Stock
法をもたらす者、アゾール (Azor, the Lawbringer)Rivals of Ixalan$1.99
不可解な終焉 (Baffling End)Rivals of Ixalan-Out of Stock
束縛の司教 (Bishop of Binding)Rivals of Ixalan$0.24
眩い希望 (Blazing Hope)Rivals of Ixalan$0.24
血染めの太陽 (Blood Sun)Rivals of Ixalan-Out of Stock
砲撃 (Bombard)Rivals of Ixalan$0.24
鉄面提督の報奨 (Brass's Bounty)Rivals of Ixalan$0.24
鉄面連合の掠め取り (Brazen Freebooter)Rivals of Ixalan$0.24
海賊の示威 (Buccaneer's Bravado)Rivals of Ixalan$0.24
カコフォドン (Cacophodon)Rivals of Ixalan$0.24
運河のオオトカゲ (Canal Monitor)Rivals of Ixalan$0.24
船長の鉤 (Captain's Hook)Rivals of Ixalan$0.24
薄暮の勇者 (Champion of Dusk)Rivals of Ixalan$0.24
突進するタスコドン (Charging Tuskodon)Rivals of Ixalan$0.24
Checklist Card (Rivals of Ixalan) (Japanese Version)Rivals of Ixalan$0.24
寵愛される幼生 (Cherished Hatchling)Rivals of Ixalan$0.24
浄化の光 (Cleansing Ray)Rivals of Ixalan$0.24
巨大な戦慄大口 (Colossal Dreadmaw)Rivals of Ixalan$0.24
狡猾な巾着切り (Crafty Cutpurse)Rivals of Ixalan$0.24
粉砕する潮流 (Crashing Tide)Rivals of Ixalan$0.24
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