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Your query of Rivals of Ixalan filter by English Foil returns 198 results.
Product Nameicon triangle UpEditionPriceQty.
Admiral's OrderRivals of Ixalan$0.99
Aggressive UrgeRivals of Ixalan$0.39
Angrath, Minotaur Pirate (Planeswalker Deck)Rivals of Ixalan-Out of Stock
Angrath, the Flame-ChainedRivals of Ixalan$13.74
Aquatic IncursionRivals of Ixalan$0.49
Arch of OrazcaRivals of Ixalan$4.99
Arterial FlowRivals of Ixalan$0.49
Atzocan SeerRivals of Ixalan$0.54
Awakened AmalgamRivals of Ixalan$0.99
Azor, the LawbringerRivals of Ixalan$6.79
Baffling EndRivals of Ixalan$0.89
Bishop of BindingRivals of Ixalan$0.99
Blazing HopeRivals of Ixalan$0.49
Blood SunRivals of Ixalan$2.49
BombardRivals of Ixalan$0.39
Brass's BountyRivals of Ixalan$0.99
Brazen FreebooterRivals of Ixalan$0.39
Buccaneer's BravadoRivals of Ixalan$0.39
CacophodonRivals of Ixalan$0.49
Canal MonitorRivals of Ixalan$0.39
Captain's HookRivals of Ixalan$0.99
Champion of DuskRivals of Ixalan$0.99
Charging TuskodonRivals of Ixalan$0.54
Cherished HatchlingRivals of Ixalan$0.49
Cleansing RayRivals of Ixalan$0.39
Colossal DreadmawRivals of Ixalan$0.39
Crafty CutpurseRivals of Ixalan$0.99
Crashing TideRivals of Ixalan$0.39
Crested HerdcallerRivals of Ixalan$0.49
Curious ObsessionRivals of Ixalan$5.99
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