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Your query of Rivals of Ixalan filter by Chinese Foil returns 196 results.
Product Nameicon triangle UpEditionPriceQty.
总帅号令 (Admiral's Order)Rivals of Ixalan-Out of Stock
攻性驱策 (Aggressive Urge)Rivals of Ixalan$0.39
炎锁安戈斯 (Angrath, the Flame-Chained)Rivals of Ixalan-Out of Stock
水路入侵 (Aquatic Incursion)Rivals of Ixalan$0.79
欧拉兹卡拱门 (Arch of Orazca)Rivals of Ixalan-Out of Stock
血脉喷涌 (Arterial Flow)Rivals of Ixalan$0.79
阿佐坎预言师 (Atzocan Seer)Rivals of Ixalan$0.99
醒转拼合像 (Awakened Amalgam)Rivals of Ixalan-Out of Stock
律法使者俄佐 (Azor, the Lawbringer)Rivals of Ixalan-Out of Stock
不知所终 (Baffling End)Rivals of Ixalan$0.69
镇魂主教 (Bishop of Binding)Rivals of Ixalan$0.99
耀目希望 (Blazing Hope)Rivals of Ixalan$1.99
腥红之日 (Blood Sun)Rivals of Ixalan-Out of Stock
火炮轰击 (Bombard)Rivals of Ixalan$0.39
霸司的奖赏 (Brass's Bounty)Rivals of Ixalan$1.99
莽霸联盟掠盗 (Brazen Freebooter)Rivals of Ixalan$0.39
海贼威势 (Buccaneer's Bravado)Rivals of Ixalan$0.39
啸齿龙 (Cacophodon)Rivals of Ixalan$0.49
运河巨蜥 (Canal Monitor)Rivals of Ixalan$0.39
船长的铁钩 (Captain's Hook)Rivals of Ixalan$0.99
暮影斗士 (Champion of Dusk)Rivals of Ixalan$0.99
冲锋巨牙龙 (Charging Tuskodon)Rivals of Ixalan$0.49
受护幼雏 (Cherished Hatchling)Rivals of Ixalan$0.79
净化射线 (Cleansing Ray)Rivals of Ixalan$0.39
庞巨血口龙 (Colossal Dreadmaw)Rivals of Ixalan$0.39
狡智扒手 (Crafty Cutpurse)Rivals of Ixalan$0.99
覆顶潮浪 (Crashing Tide)Rivals of Ixalan$0.39
盔冠唤伴龙 (Crested Herdcaller)Rivals of Ixalan$0.49
好奇求索 (Curious Obsession)Rivals of Ixalan-Out of Stock
大胆的海贼 (Daring Buccaneer)Rivals of Ixalan$0.49
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