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Your query of 2013 Core set filter by English Regular returns 261 results.
Product Nameicon triangle UpEditionPriceQty.
Acidic Slime2013 Core set$0.24
Ajani's Sunstriker2013 Core set$0.24
Ajani, Caller of the Pride2013 Core set-Out of Stock
Akroma's Memorial2013 Core set-Out of Stock
Angel's Mercy2013 Core set$0.24
Angelic Benediction2013 Core set$0.24
Arbor Elf2013 Core set$0.44
Archaeomancer2013 Core set$0.24
Arctic Aven2013 Core set$0.24
Arms Dealer2013 Core set$0.24
Attended Knight2013 Core set$0.24
Augur of Bolas2013 Core set$0.49
Aven Squire2013 Core set$0.24
Battle of Wits2013 Core set$0.39
Battleflight Eagle2013 Core set$0.24
Beast Token2013 Core set$0.24
Bladetusk Boar2013 Core set$0.24
Blood Reckoning2013 Core set$0.24
Bloodhunter Bat2013 Core set$0.24
Bloodthrone Vampire2013 Core set$0.24
Bond Beetle2013 Core set$0.24
Boundless Realms2013 Core set$1.79
Bountiful Harvest2013 Core set$0.24
Canyon Minotaur2013 Core set$0.24
Captain of the Watch2013 Core set$0.94
Captain's Call2013 Core set$0.24
Cat Token2013 Core set$0.34
Cathedral of War2013 Core set$2.49
Centaur Courser2013 Core set$0.24
Chandra's Fury2013 Core set$0.24
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