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Your query of Khans of Tarkir filter by Japanese Regular returns 30 results.
Product Nameicon triangle UpEditionPriceQty.
群の祭壇 (Altar of the Brood)Khans of Tarkir$2.24
先頭に立つもの、アナフェンザ (Anafenza, the Foremost)Khans of Tarkir-Out of Stock
灰雲のフェニックス (Ashcloud Phoenix)Khans of Tarkir$0.99
血に染まりし勇者 (Bloodsoaked Champion)Khans of Tarkir$0.74
血染めのぬかるみ (Bloodstained Mire)Khans of Tarkir-Out of Stock
はじける破滅 (Crackling Doom)Khans of Tarkir$0.64
跳ね返す掌 (Deflecting Palm)Khans of Tarkir$2.24
時を越えた探索 (Dig Through Time)Khans of Tarkir-Out of Stock
奈落の総ざらい (Empty the Pits)Khans of Tarkir$1.09
溢れかえる岸辺 (Flooded Strand)Khans of Tarkir-Out of Stock
不気味な腸卜師 (Grim Haruspex)Khans of Tarkir$1.99
硬化した鱗 (Hardened Scales)Khans of Tarkir$2.99
頭巾被りのハイドラ (Hooded Hydra)Khans of Tarkir$1.59
カマキリの乗り手 (Mantis Rider)Khans of Tarkir-Out of Stock
僧院の速槍 (Monastery Swiftspear)Khans of Tarkir$2.24
残忍な切断 (Murderous Cut)Khans of Tarkir-Out of Stock
悟った達人、ナーセット (Narset, Enlightened Master)Khans of Tarkir$1.09
真珠湖の古きもの (Pearl Lake Ancient)Khans of Tarkir$1.09
ラクシャーサの死与え (Rakshasa Deathdealer)Khans of Tarkir$0.39
爪鳴らしの神秘家 (Rattleclaw Mystic)Khans of Tarkir$2.24
血の暴君、シディシ (Sidisi, Brood Tyrant)Khans of Tarkir$0.99
包囲サイ (Siege Rhino)Khans of Tarkir-Out of Stock
真面目な訪問者、ソリン (Sorin, Solemn Visitor)Khans of Tarkir$5.69
龍爪のスーラク (Surrak Dragonclaw)Khans of Tarkir$0.99
ティムールの隆盛 (Temur Ascendancy)Khans of Tarkir$0.39
ウギンのきずな (Ugin's Nexus)Khans of Tarkir$1.09
完全なる終わり (Utter End)Khans of Tarkir-Out of Stock
吹きさらしの荒野 (Windswept Heath)Khans of Tarkir-Out of Stock
風番いのロック (Wingmate Roc)Khans of Tarkir$0.99
兜砕きのズルゴ (Zurgo Helmsmasher)Khans of Tarkir$0.99
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