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Your query of Khans of Tarkir filter by English Regular returns 282 results.
Product NameEditionPriceQty.
Zurgo HelmsmasherKhans of Tarkir$0.99
Sagu MaulerKhans of Tarkir$0.24
Avalanche TuskerKhans of Tarkir$0.24
Pearl Lake AncientKhans of Tarkir$0.99
Surrak DragonclawKhans of Tarkir$0.99
Tusked ColossodonKhans of Tarkir$0.24
Woolly LoxodonKhans of Tarkir$0.24
Thousand WindsKhans of Tarkir$0.24
Ivorytusk FortressKhans of Tarkir$0.24
Meandering TowershellKhans of Tarkir$0.24
Butcher of the HordeKhans of Tarkir$0.34
Venerable LammasuKhans of Tarkir$0.24
Krumar Bond-KinKhans of Tarkir$0.24
Pine WalkerKhans of Tarkir$0.24
Mardu RoughriderKhans of Tarkir$0.24
Canyon LurkersKhans of Tarkir$0.24
Snowhorn RiderKhans of Tarkir$0.24
Abzan GuideKhans of Tarkir$0.24
Necropolis FiendKhans of Tarkir$0.29
Anafenza, the ForemostKhans of Tarkir$3.39
Rakshasa VizierKhans of Tarkir$0.24
Savage KnucklebladeKhans of Tarkir$0.29
Ashcloud PhoenixKhans of Tarkir$0.99
Siege RhinoKhans of Tarkir$1.79
Kheru Lich LordKhans of Tarkir$0.24
Witness of the AgesKhans of Tarkir$0.24
Efreet WeaponmasterKhans of Tarkir$0.24
Hooting MandrillsKhans of Tarkir-Out of Stock
Glacial StalkerKhans of Tarkir$0.24
Whirlwind AdeptKhans of Tarkir$0.24
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