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Your query of Kaladesh filter by Japanese Regular returns 65 results.
Product Nameicon triangle UpEditionPriceQty.
霊気拠点 (Aether Hub)Kaladesh$1.39
霊気貯蔵器 (Aetherflux Reservoir)Kaladesh-Out of Stock
霊気烈風の古きもの (Aethersquall Ancient)Kaladesh$0.24
霊気嵐のロック (Aetherstorm Roc)Kaladesh$0.24
霊気池の驚異 (Aetherworks Marvel)Kaladesh-Out of Stock
発明の天使 (Angel of Invention)Kaladesh$3.69
活性機構 (Animation Module)Kaladesh-Out of Stock
獣性を築く者 (Architect of the Untamed)Kaladesh$0.24
霊気との調和 (Attune with Aether)Kaladesh$0.24
領事の権限 (Authority of the Consuls)Kaladesh-Out of Stock
花盛りの湿地 (Blooming Marsh)Kaladesh-Out of Stock
ボーマットの急使 (Bomat Courier)Kaladesh-Out of Stock
植物の聖域 (Botanical Sanctum)Kaladesh-Out of Stock
逆毛ハイドラ (Bristling Hydra)Kaladesh$0.89
領事府による拘禁 (Captured by the Consulate)Kaladesh$0.24
安堵の再会 (Cathartic Reunion)Kaladesh-Out of Stock
焼却の機械巨人 (Combustible Gearhulk)Kaladesh-Out of Stock
秘密の中庭 (Concealed Courtyard)Kaladesh$8.99
慮外な押収 (Confiscation Coup)Kaladesh$0.34
刃の耕作者 (Cultivator of Blades)Kaladesh$0.24
耕作者の荷馬車 (Cultivator's Caravan)Kaladesh$0.29
行き詰まりの罠 (Deadlock Trap)Kaladesh$0.24
模範操縦士、デパラ (Depala, Pilot Exemplar)Kaladesh$0.24
ドビン・バーン (Dovin Baan)Kaladesh-Out of Stock
怪しげな挑戦 (Dubious Challenge)Kaladesh$0.24
静電気式打撃体 (Electrostatic Pummeler)Kaladesh$0.24
競争排除 (Eliminate the Competition)Kaladesh$0.24
宿命の決着 (Fateful Showdown)Kaladesh$0.24
高速警備車 (Fleetwheel Cruiser)Kaladesh$0.24
断片化 (Fragmentize)Kaladesh$0.24
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