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Your query of Explorers of Ixalan filter by English Regular returns 47 results.
Product Nameicon triangle UpEditionPriceQty.
Adaptive AutomatonExplorers of Ixalan$2.99
Aether GaleExplorers of Ixalan$0.39
Aggravated AssaultExplorers of Ixalan$7.59
Beacon of ImmortalityExplorers of Ixalan$2.24
Blatant ThieveryExplorers of Ixalan$0.99
Bloodbond VampireExplorers of Ixalan$0.29
Borderland RangerExplorers of Ixalan$0.24
Child of NightExplorers of Ixalan$0.24
Coat with VenomExplorers of Ixalan$0.24
ConcentrateExplorers of Ixalan$0.24
Crumbling NecropolisExplorers of Ixalan$0.39
Day of JudgmentExplorers of Ixalan$1.59
Disaster RadiusExplorers of Ixalan$0.24
Doom BladeExplorers of Ixalan$0.34
Giant GrowthExplorers of Ixalan$0.24
Hunter's ProwessExplorers of Ixalan$0.24
Innocent BloodExplorers of Ixalan$0.24
Jungle BarrierExplorers of Ixalan$0.24
Jungle ShrineExplorers of Ixalan$0.79
Lightning HelixExplorers of Ixalan$2.79
Mass MutinyExplorers of Ixalan$0.24
Merfolk SovereignExplorers of Ixalan$1.79
MortifyExplorers of Ixalan$0.44
Necropolis RegentExplorers of Ixalan$1.59
Path to ExileExplorers of Ixalan$5.99
Prey UponExplorers of Ixalan$0.29
Prismatic LensExplorers of Ixalan$0.24
Quicksilver AmuletExplorers of Ixalan$4.69
RancorExplorers of Ixalan$1.59
Rush of AdrenalineExplorers of Ixalan$0.24
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