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Your query of Dragons of Tarkir filter by Japanese Regular returns 27 results.
Product Nameicon triangle UpEditionPriceQty.
族樹の精霊、アナフェンザ (Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit)Dragons of Tarkir$0.69
突撃陣形 (Assault Formation)Dragons of Tarkir$1.09
毅然さの化身 (Avatar of the Resolute)Dragons of Tarkir-Out of Stock
クローンの軍勢 (Clone Legion)Dragons of Tarkir$1.24
死霧の猛禽 (Deathmist Raptor)Dragons of Tarkir$1.39
龍の降下 (Descent of the Dragons)Dragons of Tarkir$0.94
龍の大嵐 (Dragon Tempest)Dragons of Tarkir$0.94
龍を操る者 (Dragon Whisperer)Dragons of Tarkir$2.49
龍王ドロモカ (Dragonlord Dromoka)Dragons of Tarkir$16.99
龍王コラガン (Dragonlord Kolaghan)Dragons of Tarkir-Out of Stock
龍王オジュタイ (Dragonlord Ojutai)Dragons of Tarkir-Out of Stock
龍王シルムガル (Dragonlord Silumgar)Dragons of Tarkir$6.79
ドロモカの命令 (Dromoka's Command)Dragons of Tarkir-Out of Stock
精霊龍の安息地 (Haven of the Spirit Dragon)Dragons of Tarkir$1.99
氷瀑の執政 (Icefall Regent)Dragons of Tarkir$0.44
コラガンの命令 (Kolaghan's Command)Dragons of Tarkir$22.49
卓絶のナーセット (Narset Transcendent)Dragons of Tarkir$18.99
オジュタイの模範 (Ojutai Exemplars)Dragons of Tarkir$0.99
オジュタイの命令 (Ojutai's Command)Dragons of Tarkir$0.84
揺るぎないサルカン (Sarkhan Unbroken)Dragons of Tarkir-Out of Stock
荒野の確保 (Secure the Wastes)Dragons of Tarkir$5.39
失われた業の巫師 (Shaman of Forgotten Ways)Dragons of Tarkir$3.99
岸砕きの精霊 (Shorecrasher Elemental)Dragons of Tarkir$0.99
アンデッドの大臣、シディシ (Sidisi, Undead Vizier)Dragons of Tarkir$5.99
陽焼の執政 (Sunscorch Regent)Dragons of Tarkir$0.44
雷破の執政 (Thunderbreak Regent)Dragons of Tarkir$4.69
鐘突きのズルゴ (Zurgo Bellstriker)Dragons of Tarkir$0.64
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