Customer Certified

customer certified

To be "Customer Certified" a store must fulfill two requirements.

  1. Participate in BizRate's Continuous Feedback Program
    The store must participate in BizRate's free customer survey program, allowing BizRate to collect feedback continuously and directly from its customers as they check-out and after the date of fulfillment through follow-up e-mail surveys. This way, BizRate collects detailed timely feedback from real verified customers at check-out and after fulfillment and can be sure that we are allowing all customers to tell us what a store experience is like.
  2. Customer Satisfaction
    The store must get a rating of satisfactory or better on all 16 quality rating dimensions of service.

Stores that pass the above requirements are truly committed to proactively receiving customer feedback and to providing satisfactory customer service and are thus designated as "Customer Certified" with the following logo on the BizRate site: Icon: Customer Certified Ribbon Customer Certified

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VeriSign Trusted

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Industry Recognition has long been known for its popularity with customers and its superior service. The company offers over 60,000 Trading Cards' related products, ranging from Trading Card Booster Box, Packs Singles to Card Sleeves, Deck Box or Miniature, to a customer base of over 50,000 people in more than 100 countries. According to Terapeak July 2009's data, MTG Mint Card is ranked No.1 for Magic the gathering products with over 100,000 feedbacks. In 2008, MTGMintCard was named one of the Top 200 Fast Growing Ebay Powerseller Gobally by Nortica, we believe if we serve our customers well, success will always come as follow.

All Cards in Mint Condition

All cards is in Near Mint/Mint condition. The majority of our stock came directly from packs and the card's condition will be doubled checked before the order is being shipped.

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