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Teferi, Time RavelerTeferi, Time RavelerWar of the Spark$16.00
Teferi, Time RavelerTeferi, Time Raveler (Foil)War of the Spark$14.00
Teferi, Time Raveler (Promo Pack)Teferi, Time Raveler (Promo Pack)Promo: Promo Pack$9.00
Teferi, Time Raveler (Secret Lair)Teferi, Time Raveler (Secret Lair) (Foil)Secret Lair$23.00
Teferi, Time Raveler (War of the Spark Prerelease)Teferi, Time Raveler (War of the Spark Prerelease) (Foil)War of the Spark$14.00
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