Chapman Sim shares some life experiences on how you can succeed in Magic and in life.
Chapman Sim discusses his favorite Blue-Red Tower deck and how it changes with Amonkhet!
Chapman Sim is beginning to prepare for Pro Tour Nashville and he shares some initial thoughts!
As we step closer to Amonkhet's release, Chapman Sim shares some Commander gems to look out for.
The current Standard might not be particularly exciting, but things are not as bad as it seems.
Chapman Sim bids goodbye to his favorite Modern deck and seeks greener pastures.
Chapman Sim contributes an unofficial continuation of the What I Love About Magic series.
As usual, Commander enthusiast Chapman Sim sifts out the best cards in Aether Revolt for Commander!
As 2016 comes to a close, Chapman Sim counts his blessings and discusses the joys of Magic.
After the wave of RPTQs, the eternal grinder Chapman Sim decides to vocalize his thoughts on Modern!
4 most important lessons Chapman Sim learned from living out of a suitcase for 4 years.
Chapman Sim was on-site all weekend and shares four observations at the World Magic Cup!
This is an amazing set with tons of great additions! Over 50 cards highlighted!
Chapman Sim discusses a non-Magic achievement and touches on the prevalent issues of gaming!
In view of the arrival of Conspiracy 2, let's pay some attention to the key additions for EDH!

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