Chapman Sim discusses recent Organised Play changes involving WMCQs and Nationals!
Taufik Indrakesuma describes the path of progress in the virtual world.
The Modern Master Lee Shi Tian is keen to quickly dive in and discuss the important bannings.
Arnoud Soumet shares his views on the earth-shattering news to take place in Standard!
Eduardo Sajgalik writes a tribute to a close friend he lost and reminisces the last couple of years.
Lee Shi Tian sheds some light on the situation of the Pro Tour team series!
After the wave of RPTQs, the eternal grinder Chapman Sim decides to vocalize his thoughts on Modern!
Which teams didn't live up to expectation at this year's World Magic Cup? #1 is not a surprise!
Chapman Sim was on-site all weekend and shares four observations at the World Magic Cup!
Exciting news for the Pro Tour announced today!
With White-Blue Flash being so dominant, what are some of the ways you can keep it in check?
Simon Nielsen reveals the secret on how to become the World's Luckiest Magic Player!
Chapman Sim consults QJ Wong, a Level 2 judge, on a newly changed rule regarding shuffling.
Some RPTQs are way more difficult than others. This is a bug in the system there is a way to fix it!
Chapman Sim discusses a non-Magic achievement and touches on the prevalent issues of gaming!

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