Without Lee Shi Tian, I would not have become the Magic player I am today.
Zen Takahashi to Lee, It has been an absolute pleasure seeing you become a legend of the game.
Terry Soh tells everyone why he is voting Lee Shi Tian for the Hall of Fame, without a doubt.
Eduardo Sajgalik shares his 2018 HOF Ballot, as well as countless stories about the community!
Felix Capule attended Philippines Nationals and shares two stories about fathers and sons.
Is there value in skipping an event? Occasionally, Simon (Nielsen) says!
Yam Wing Chun is headed for Grand Prix Phoenix and he would love to share some tips on how to prep!
Yam Wing Chun has some advice for to improve your game and learn through mistakes.
You can become better than you were yesterday, starting with these four steps.
Chapman Sim thanks Magic for being a part of him with this heartfelt tribute.
Having a bad Magic day? Taufik Indrakesuma knows what it's like.
Chapman Sim highlights the most common ways to select a weapon of choice.
Yam Wing Chun made the Top 8 at Shanghai with his trusty Ramunap Red!

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