Zen Takahashi reviews the top commons and uncommons from Core Set 2019!
Learn how to draft B/W Fliers and U/W Fliers with Zen Takahashi!
Zen Takahashi shares Team MTG Mint Card's preparation process to improve at Dominaria Booster Draft.
Tobi Henke details more adventures in Dominaria limited!
Pro Tour Dominaria is on the horizon! What are the top picks of the format for DOM Booster Draft?
Zen Takahashi highlights the superstars of Dominaria Limited!
Zen Takahashi highlights the superstars of Dominaria Limited!
Go on a reflective journey with Tobi Henke as he spends a week in Dominaria!
Huang Hao-Shan attends a special Pre-Prerelease Event and shares his first thoughts on Dominaria!
Getting ready for the RPTQ weekend? Zen Takahashi shares some precious tips!
Zen Takahashi shares his preparation work for Grand Prix London and Pro Tour RIX!
Zen Takahashi has been drafting a lot and he wants to share the most valuable lessons with you!
Join Platinum Pro Kelvin Chew for some Sealed Deck practice for the upcoming RPTQs!
Zen Takahashi shares a survival guide to Ixalan Draft!
It's time to learn more about RIX Sealed. Zen Takahashi shares some secrets!

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Date Event
Jul 07
Grand Prix Sao Paulo 2018
Jul 01
Standard (M2019)
Jun 30
Grand Prix Barcelona 2018
Jun 23
Grand Prix Singapore 2018
Jun 23
Grand Prix Pittsburgh 2018
Jun 15
Grand Prix Las Vegas (Modern)
Jun 10
Jun 09
Grand Prix Copenhagen 2018
Jun 01
Pro Tour Dominaria 2018
May 12
Grand Prix Birmingham 2018

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