Try something new this year, because whatever 2017 may hold, Legacy will inevitably be part of it.
Philipp Schönegger analyzes the results from the most recent Legacy Grand Prix!
Everyone speaks of consistency, but what exactly is it all about?
Does money have to do with everything surrounding this eternal format?
Philipp Schönegger explains why this Legacy powerhouse is actually underrated!
Philipp Schönegger explains why Legacy players don’t choose the deck they should!
Philipp Schönegger is not quite done educating the public about Miracles!
Philipp Schönegger continues providing advince on how to attack Miracles!
Philipp Schönegger developed Miracles, and sure knows how to kill it!
Change is inevitable, but what is different about the nature of change in Legacy?
Why we should be glad that Wizards does not care about Legacy?
What is Philipp Schonegger beckoning you to try out?
What is Pattern Recognition and Retrograde Analysis?
From amidst the SOI previews, there's something COOL that interests the Legacy crowd!
Philipp Schönegger analyses the Eldrazi in Legacy.

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