R/B Hollow One made waves in Modern, now let's try out two versions in Legacy!
Zen Takahashi shares the Modern and Legacy decks he would play in the current metagame.
Zen Takahashi shares his current deck choices for Standard, Modern, and Legacy!
What are the best burn spells throughout the history of the game?
With Grand Prix Louisville taking place this weekend, what are the top decks we can expect?
Try something new this year, because whatever 2017 may hold, Legacy will inevitably be part of it.
Philipp Schönegger analyzes the results from the most recent Legacy Grand Prix!
Lee Shi Tian narrows his Legacy decks down to three choices. Which one did he play in the end?
With Grand Prix Chiba recently concluded, what are the trending Legacy decks?
Everyone speaks of consistency, but what exactly is it all about?
Which are the best pump spells of all time?
Does money have to do with everything surrounding this eternal format?
Philipp Schönegger explains why this Legacy powerhouse is actually underrated!
Philipp Schönegger explains why Legacy players don’t choose the deck they should!
Philipp Schönegger is not quite done educating the public about Miracles!

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