Lee Shi Tian provides a quick preview of suitable lineups at the World Magic Cup this year.
Zen Takahashi shares the Modern and Legacy decks he would play in the current metagame.
Zen Takahashi provides his takes, his views, and his opinions on Black-Red Aggro!
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Patrick Dickmann shares the ins and outs of the deck he played at PT Ixalan!
Kelvin Chew made his third Top 8 of 2017 with Temur Energy and shares a sideboarding guide!
Yam Wing Chun made the Top 8 at Shanghai with his trusty Ramunap Red!
Not only does this deck have a wacky name, it is also pretty wacky itself!
Lee Shi Tian wishes he could turn back time!
Chapman Sim picks out 4 cool decks which did well at Pro Tour Ixalan.
Now that the Pro Tour is over, which were the seven most interesting cards to see Standard play?
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The face of Ixalan Standard has taken form! What are the Top 7 decks of the format?

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