Top Commons and Uncommons in Dominaria (Part 2)

by Zen Takahashi on 25 May 2018, Friday

Zen Takahashi


Top Commons and Uncommons in Dominaria (Part 2)

Hello everybody!

As I have done with the last few sets, I will be covering what I believe are the best commons and uncommons for each color in Dominaria. This is written in the perspective of drafting, but a lot of it will hold true for sealed as well – especially team sealed. While I have done a few drafts now, I still expect many of these evaluations will change as I draft the set more, but hopefully, this provides you with some direction in this new format. 

In my previous article, which can be found here, I went over White, Blue and Black. Today, I will be rounding off the series by discussing Red and Green. 

Red's Top 3 Uncommons


Fight with Fire Wizard's Lightning Goblin Barrage

1) Fight with Fire 

Fight with Fire is in my opinion, the best mono-colored uncommon in the set.

A three-mana five damage removal spell would already be above the average rate and would make it one of the top Red uncommons, but also, it has the Kicker ability which seems to mostly be game-winning. While nine mana is expensive, if you ever cast this with Kicker, you are likely to win the game as you can either kill their whole board or directly point it at your opponent's face for ten damage. 

The flexibility on this card is simply crazy, as it will either be an efficient removal spell that kills nearly every creature in the set, or a game-winning spell that can serve as a Plague Wind or two Lava Axes if you ever flood out. 

2) Wizard's Lightning 

At three mana, the card would still be decent and a relatively high pick. However, the fact that it can potentially cost just one mana makes Wizard's Lightning a much more powerful card – and there are a decent number of Wizards in Red and Blue. 

3) Goblin Barrage 

To round off the three top uncommons in Red is yet another removal spell – this time in the form of Goblin Barrage! While Goblin Barrage is considerably worse than Fight with Fire as it deals four damage for four mana, its Kicker ability is much easier to achieve. The card is already fine without the Kicker ability, but with it, it provides a lot of flexibility as it can serve as both a removal spell and way to close out games.

In fact, in the few times I have cast it, I have had situations where I cast it with Kicker, which allowed me to kill their blocker, as well as deal four to their face, which then let me attack for just enough damage to win the game on that turn. 

Red's Top 3 Commons


Shivan Fire Fiery Intervention Keldon Raider

1) Shivan Fire 

Shivan Fire is likely one of the best commons in the set. Shock/Magma Spray has always been one of the best commons in the sets they are in, but Shivan Fire also has the flexibility to kill larger creatures later on in the game. There is not too much to say about this card other than to take it early and if you see one coming late, take it as a signal that red is open.

2) Fiery Intervention 

Similar to Blessed Light, Fiery Intervention is a clunky removal spell, but you are happy to have one or two in your deck as it can kill almost every creature in the format – including bomb rares.

While being a sorcery does make it worse than Blessed Light, I believe that being able to kill artifacts is more important than being able to kill enchantments – as there are a few powerful equipment in the set, as well as Icy Manipulator at uncommon. 

Overall, Blessed Light is better than Fiery Intervention, but not by much more – and the two cards serve a very similar role. Just be aware that they do get clunky in multiples, so I would usually say two copies is a good number for them, and I would seldom want to play more than three copies. 

3) Keldon Raider 
A four-mana 4/3 is a decent rate, and the type of creature I am happy to have in any aggressive or midrange red deck. In addition to being a Summit Prowler though, Keldon Raider also has a loot ability attached to it. While it may seem innocuous, any flood mitigation effect in limited is not to be underrated. 

Green's Top 3 Uncommons


Song of Freyalise Sporecrown Thallid Untamed Kavu

1) Song of Freyalise 

I was initially not sure how good Song of Freyalise was, but after playing against it, I realized the card is ridiculous. Most of the Green decks in this format are creature based, which means you have no problem being able to utilize the first two stages of the saga. 

Getting to make a bunch of mana allows you to dump your hand and flood the board with creatures. Once you have done that, then comes the final stage of the saga, which is often game winning – as you can set up a massive alpha strike. It is even better if you are in Green-Black and have a lot of Saprolings, which is, in my opinion, the best Green archetype in the set. 

2) Sporecrown Thallid 

While Sporecrown Thallid is situational, as it is mainly for the Saprolings deck, it is one of the most potent pay-off cards for the archetype. Even if you are not a dedicated Saprolings deck, it is still decent, as it works well with the few Saproling token makers you may have – and at worst, it is still a Grizzly Bear. 

3) Untamed Kavu 

Untamed Kavu is a reasonably pushed card – as its baseline stats are above average at both two mana and at five mana, and the flexibility of getting to choose when to cast it puts it over the top. 

Generally, you would want to Kicker this, as trample is not very relevant on a 2/2 which makes this closer to a vigilance 2/2 on turn two, but at five mana, it is a significant threat. 

Green's Top 3 Commons


Llanowar Elves Ancient Animus Saproling Migration

1) Llanowar Elves 

Llanowar Elves is back, and I expect it to be as good as it has always been – in fact it will likely be better due to the presence of Kicker! While creatures snowball less in limited than they do in constructed, being able to curve into a three-drop on turn two, and then a four-drop on turn three is still back-breaking – especially if you are on the play. 

2) Ancient Animus 

I was a fan of Pounce in Ixalan, and Ancient Animus is a strict upgrade to it.

In fact, if you target a legendary creature, it turns into a two mana, instant Hunt the Weak, which is just broken. There are also less pump spells in this format compared to the last few sets, which means you are less likely to get blown out in a fight. 

3) Saproling Migration 

I am personally a big fan of two drops that are also relevant in later stages of the game, and Saproling Migration does exactly that as it is a good play on turn two, while also being serviceable as a late top deck. It gets even better if you have Saproling synergies in your deck – such as the previously mentioned Sporecrown Thallid

Signing Off

I hope you enjoyed these two articles as I went over what I believe are the best commons and uncommons in Dominaria. 

While I have only done a few drafts, I have very much enjoyed Dominaria thus far! Although I enjoyed both Ixalan and Rivals of Ixalan, it is a nice change of pace to play a draft format that is much slower and less tempo orientated. Dominaria was very exciting to see during spoiler season, and I am stoked that the set has been such a success since being released! 

Over the next few weeks, I will be covering Dominaria limited in more detail, as well as the new Standard format, as I share my experiences from my preparation for the upcoming Pro Tour.

Until next time!

Zen Takahashi
@mtgzen on Twitter 

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