Top Commons and Uncommons in Core Set 2019 (P2)

by Zen Takahashi on 19 July 2018, Thursday

Zen Takahashi


Top Commons and Uncommons in Core Set 2019 (Part 2)

Hello everybody!

As I have done with previous sets, I will be going over what I believe are the best commons and uncommons for each color in Core Set 2019. 

This article is written in the perspective of drafting, but a lot of it will hold true for sealed as well. As I am yet to play any games of this format, it is likely that some of these evaluations will change once I start drafting the set – but hopefully, this provides you with some direction in this new format.

In my previous article, which can be found here
, I went over White, Blue and Black. Today, I will be rounding off the series by discussing Red and Green. 


Red's Top 3 Uncommons


Lightning Strike Volley Veteran Volcanic Dragon


1. Lightning Strike 

Lightning Strike is back, and similar to how it usually is, I suspect it will be one of the best uncommons in Red, if not the whole set. Being able to kill most three drops for two mana is an efficient rate, and the fact that it can also go straight to your opponent's face provides some degree of reach for any aggressive deck.

I imagine Lightning Strike will be a key card for the Blue-Red Spells archetype – especially as it is a nice target for Salvager of Secrets

2. Volley Veteran 

Although Core Set 2019 does not have a strong Goblins theme to it, there are a decent amount of Red creatures that happen to be Goblins. While having it only deal one damage is not very good, if you can have it deal two to three damage, then the card becomes actively great.

Initially, I was unsure about putting Volley Veteran this highly until I saw that Goblin Instigator is in the set. The fact that Volley Veteran pairs so well with a common made me move up the card's ranking. 

3. Volcanic Dragon 

Volcanic Dragon is a great creature to have in any Red deck – whether it be as a late-game finisher for an aggressive deck or a win condition for a controlling deck. As this format has a lot of sorcery speed removal such as Dwindle, Luminous Bonds and Lich's Caress, Volcanic Dragon having haste is a nice form of insurance to get some value out of it before it is potentially dealt with. 

Red's Top 3 Commons


Shock Electrify Sparktongue Dragon

1. Shock 

Although Shock does not look as good in Core Set 2019 as it has in previous sets it has been in; the card is just so efficient for its cost. The fact that it can bring back so much of the tempo when you are on the draw as you can kill almost every two-drop with it, while also often being able to kill three drops, makes the card solidly one of the best commons in Red. 

2. Electrify 

Electrify is similar to Strangling Spores, but with the bonus of being able to kill creatures with four toughness - which is huge as there are many in this format. It is possible that Electrify is better than Shock in this format as the set looks to be slightly slower, and it pairs nicely with Salvager of Secrets

3. Sparktongue Dragon 

I generally prioritize any mana sinks in Limited, as there tends to be little flood insurance. Core Set 2019 especially does not have much in the way of mana sinks, so Sparktongue Dragon is a higher pick for me than it may be in other sets.

Most of the time, it will be a five mana 3/3 flier, which is fine, but you will be thankful for the times you flood out and have this be able to kill a creature or deal three damage to your opponent's face. 

Green's Top 3 Uncommons


Vine Mare Druid of Horns Vigilant Baloth

1. Vine Mare 

A four-mana 5/3 is a decent rate, but Vine Mare has hexproof in addition to that, as well as being unblockable against black creatures.

Although in a typical set I would likely not rate Vine Mare this highly, Core Set 2019 has a strong Auras theme to it – and it seems fairly well supported. There are a decent amount of Auras between Green and White, and I can imagine Vine Mare just running away with games where you cast it and just put an Aura or two on it and essentially create your Carnage Tyrant. 

2. Druid of Horns 

Similar to Vine Mare, I may be overrating Druid of Horns, but if Auras are as big of a part of Green as it initially looks, than Druid of Horns will be one of the best cards you can have for the archetype. If you can trigger it once, that is already five power for four mana over two bodies – which is an above average rate, and if you ever trigger it twice or more, the card is just broken.

Auras may end up falling short as an archetype, in which case Druid of Horns should be ranked lower, but if they end up being good – then having such strong payoff like Vine Mare and Druid of Horns will be a big reason why. 

3. Vigilant Baloth 

The aptly named Vigilant Baloth is exactly what Green decks traditionally want to be doing in a core set. It is well sized for its cost, does not die to Strangling Spores or Electrify, and is good on both offense and defense.

It is also worth noting that this set has a decent amount of mana ramp, which makes the Baloth even better. With a turn two Druid of the Crowl or a turn three Manalith or Elvish Rejuvenator, you will be able to get this beast out on turn four! 

Green's Top 3 Commons


Rabid Bite Druid of the Cowl Elvish Rejuvenator

1. Rabid Bite 

As the only form of Green creature removal, Rabid Bite is necessary for any Green deck – especially if you are Mono-Colored, which may be common with payoff such as Blanchwood Armor and Gigantosaurus.

Although Rabid Bite is not the most efficient removal spell as it relies on you having an appropriately sized creature in play and is vulnerable to instant removal spells, it is also cheap in mana cost and can serve as a nice tempo swing in a deck that is looking to cast big, beefy creatures. 

2. Druid of the Cowl

Green in core sets are generally about casting big, beefy creatures – and except for the Auras theme that Green has, that mostly seems to remain the case in this set as well. Druid of the Cowl is excellent for these Green decks, as it serves as both a ramp spell and a blocker, as the three toughness goes a long way to stopping most two drops in the format. 

3. Elvish Rejuvenator 

While not as good as Druid of the Cowl, Elvish Rejuvenator also acts as a crucial ramp spell for these big Green decks. Unlike Druid of the Cowl, Elvish Rejuvenator also serves as card advantage – though that largely depends on how relevant a 1/1 body is in this format. Being able to trade with two drops such as Viashino Pyromancer and Child of Night is quite sweet though. 


I hope you enjoyed these two articles as I went over what I believe are the best commons and uncommons in Core Set 2019. 

While I am yet to play any games of this format, I am excited to dive into it, as core sets have historically been some of my favorite sets in Magic. This set will also be the drafted at some premier level events, as well as many Nationals around the world! 

Until next time!

Zen Takahashi
@mtgzen on Twitter 

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