A Kaladesh Draft Walkthrough

by Zen Takahashi on 07 November 2016, Monday

KLD  Limited 
Zen Takahashi

A Kaladesh Draft Walkthrough

Hello everyone! Kaladesh is a great Limited format and I draft on Magic Online from time to time. Now that we have a bunch of Constructed Grand Prix concluded, I'd like to share with you guys a draft which I did. It will be a pick by pick walkthrough and I hope that you'll be able to gain some insights about Booster Draft.

*Basic Lands have been omitted from the booster. If for some reason the numbers don't look right, always consider the possibility that someone might have picked the foil land or goofgrabbed the basic land. =)

Pack 1 Pick 1

Fumigate Fairgrounds Trumpeter Maulfist Doorbuster Wispweaver Angel Aviary Mechanic Curio Vendor Fortuitous Find Impeccable Timing Night Market Lookout Nimble Innovator Revoke Privileges Thriving Grubs Thriving Rats Wild Wanderer

Sweepers are always fantastic in Limited and Fumigate is no exception. However, it is slightly worse in this format due to the presence of vehicles. This pack has multiple good white cards with Wispweaver Angel and Revoke Privileges being the notable ones.

My Pick: Fumigate

Pack 1 Pick 2

Blooming Marsh Aether Meltdown Harnessed Lightning Servant of the Conduit Chandra's Pyrohelix Consulate Skygate Curio Vendor Inspired Charge Revolutionary Rebuff Ruinous Gremlin Spontaneous Artist Take Down Workshop Assistant

The pick here is definitely between Harnessed Lightning and Servant of the Conduit. I think Harnessed Lightning is a better card in a vacuum, but I think Green is the best color in the format and pairs especially well with White. Although you don't want to put a lot of emphasis on your first pick this early, Fumigate is a card I'd really like to play and can be awkward in Red-White as that's a very aggressive color pair.

My Pick: Servant of the Conduit

Pack 1 Pick 3

Make Obsolete Skywhaler's Shot Demolish Dramatic Reversal Dukhara Scavenger Eager Construct Glassblower's Puzzleknot Self-Assembler Thriving Grubs Thriving Ibex Tidy Conclusion Wind Drake

Skywhaler's Shot is a fantastic removal spell and an easy pick here. If the Shot wasn't in the pack, I'd take Tidy Conclusion. I've found that unconditional removal is necessary due to the abundance of big common creatures – notably Vehicles, Gearseeker Serpent and Riparian Tiger.

My Pick: Skywhaler's Shot

Pack 1 Pick 4

Arborback Stomper Diabolic Tutor Accomplished Automaton Aether Theorist Bastion Mastodon Dhund Operative Eddytrail Hawk Highspire Artisan Terror of the Fairgrounds Thriving Ibex Wind Drake

Arborback Stomper is one of the best Green uncommons. It's bigger than most of the other ground creatures in the format and the life gain can help you stabilize from an early aggressive onslaught.

My Pick: Arborback Stomper

Pack 1 Pick 5

Make Obsolete Aether Theorist Appetite for the Unnatural Fireforger's Puzzlekkot Prophetic Prism Salivating Gremlins Select for Inspection Self-Assembler Thriving Ibex Woodweaver's Puzzleknot

At this point, both Green and White feel very open. I like Appetite for the Unnatural more than Thriving Ibex, but White has Fragmentize as well which means you don't have to prioritise these Naturalize-effects that highly.

My Pick: Appetite for the Unnatural

Pack 1 Pick 6

Demolition Stomper Engineered Might Refurbish Built to Smash Curio Vendor Dukhara Peafowl Hightide Hermit Mind Rot Ornamental Courage Prakhata Pillar-Bug

I've been very underwhelmed by Engineered Might so far, as I believe the "go-wide" plan with Servos is hard to execute. Ornamental Courage is mediocre, but it's a fine trick to play. Green can also splash quite easily as it gets access to two commons that fix your mana, but there's nothing here you'd want to splash.

My Pick: Ornamental Courage

Pack 1 Pick 7

Iron League Steed Speedway Fanatic Aradara Express Dukhara Peafowl Kujar Seedsculptor Prakhata Club Security Ruinous Gremlin Wily Bandar

Green-White has a relatively well supported +1+1 Counters theme. Kujar Seedsculptor is great for helping enable that as well as being a solid two drop on its own.

My Pick: Kujar Seedsculptor

Pack 1 Pick 8

Contraband Kingpin Aether Tradewinds Bastion Mastodon Failed Inspection Nimble Innovator Prakhata Club Security Ruinous Gremlin Wayward Giant

I've been impressed by Bastion Mastodon – it's one of the few common creatures that can outsize the bigger Green commons. I'd play it even in a non-White deck, though being able to give it Vigilance makes it much better.

My Pick: Bastion Mastodon

Pack 1 Pick 9

Aviary Mechanic Curio Vendor Fortuitous Find Night Market Lookout Thriving Rats Wild Wanderer

I took the Wild Wanderer as it gives us an opportunity to splash, especially if we open an off-color bomb in either of the next two packs. However, I believe I should have taken the Aviary Mechanic as the blink effect is good in Green-White while Prophetic Prism and Attune with Aether are both better fixers and not hard to pick up.

My Pick: Wild Wanderer

Pack 1 Pick 10

Consulate Skygate Revolutionary Rebuff Ruinous Gremlin Spontaneous Artist Take Down Workshop Assistant

I prefer Take Down over Consulate Skygate for our sideboard as it deals with rares such as Skyship Stalker.

My Pick: Take Down

Pack 1 Pick 11

Demolish Dramatic Reversal Self-Assembler Thriving Ibex

My Pick: Thriving Ibex

Pack 1 Pick 12

Bastion Mastodon Terror of the Fairgrounds Wind Drake

My Pick: Bastion Mastodon

Pack 1 Pick 13

Self-Assembler Woodweaver's Puzzleknot

My Pick: Self-Assembler

Pack 1 Pick 14

Demolition Stomper

My Pick: Demolition Stomper


The Deck after Pack 1

This was our deck after Pack One. The pick here between Armorcraft Judge and Fairgrounds Warden is very close, but I decided to take the former. We have a decent amount of creatures that generate +1+1 counters already and overall I've found that card advantage is very important in this format because there are no late game mana sinks, so you're much more prone to flooding out.

Pack 2 Pick 1

Electrostatic Pummeler Armorcraft Judge Fairgrounds Warden Make Obsolete Accomplished Automaton Built to Smash Cogworker's Puzzleknot Failed Inspection Malfunction Night Market Lookout Prakhata Club Security Renegade Freighter Tasseled Dromedary Vedalken Blademaster

The pick here between Armorcraft Judge and Fairgrounds Warden is very close, but I decided to take the former. We have a decent amount of creatures that generate +1+1 counters already and overall I've found that card advantage is very important in this format because there are no late game mana sinks, so you're much more prone to flooding out.

My Pick: Armorcraft Judge

Pack 2 Pick 2

Authority of the Consuls Aerial Responder Fabrication Module Spark of Creativity Fortuitous Find Metalspinner's Puzzleknot Peema Outrider Pressure Point Ruinous Gremlin Tasseled Dromedary Torch Gauntlet Vedalken Blademaster Wild Wanderer

Aerial Responder is one of the best white uncommons and a great pick up as we're short on three drops. If the Responder wasn't in the pack, I'd have taken the Peema Outrider.

My Pick: Aerial Responder

Pack 2 Pick 3

Madcap Experiment Ceremonious Rejection Minister of Inquiries Acrobatic Maneuver Aether Theorist Appetite for the Unnatural Dramatic Reversal Hijack Prakhata Club Security Reckless Fireweaver Subtle Strike Weldfast Monitor

I generally like to have two Naturalize-effects in my Green-White deck so I'm happy to take it here as there's not much else. Acrobatic Maneuver is a card I like but not multiple and it'd be easy to pick one up later.

My Pick: Appetite for the Unnatural

Pack 2 Pick 4

Eliminate the Competition Consul's Shieldguard Make Obsolete Cathartic Reunion Prakhata Club Security Prophetic Prism Subtle Strike Weldfast Monitor Weldfast Wingsmith Wily Bandar Workshop Assistant

Consul's Shieldguard is a good creature, but we already have a couple of four drops and this color pair has many good ones we can pick up later. I decided to take Prophetic Prism as we'd be able to splash almost any card alongside the Wild Wanderer. I don't want to splash for Eliminate the Competition as this deck isn't able to make many Servos.

My Pick: Prophetic Prism

Pack 2 Pick 5

Contraband Kingpin Ovalchase Dragster Cathartic Reunion Consulate Skygate Curio Vendor Dukhara Scavenger Herald of the Fair Self-Assembler Tasseled Dromedary Vedalken Blademaster

Herald of the Fair is very mediocre, but helps fill the curve.

My Pick: Herald of the Fair

Pack 2 Pick 6

Glimmer of Genius Sequestered Stash Cowl Prowler Dukhara Peafowl Metalspinner's Puzzleknot Renegade Tactics Self-Assembler Tidy Conclusion Wind Drake

As explained before, I prioritise card advantage highly in this format. Glimmer of Genius is one of the best card draw spells and definitely worth splashing.

My Pick: Glimmer of Genius

Pack 2 Pick 7

Aviary Mechanic Gearshift Ace Attune with Aether Prophetic Prism

I forgot to screenshot the pack, but the pick was between Aviary Mechanic, Gearshift Ace, Attune with Aether and Prophetic Prism.

I took the Attune with Aether, but that was definitely incorrect. We already have enough fixing, while being short on early creatures, so I should have taken one of the two drops. I think the Aviary Mechanic is better in our deck as it's a less redundant topdeck and I'd love to blink cards such as Armorcraft Judge and Arborback Stomper.

My Pick: Attune with Aether

Pack 2 Pick 8

Paradoxical Outcome Ghirapur Guide Whirlermaker Appetite for the Unnatural Cogworker's Puzzleknot Self-Assembler Weldfast Wingsmith

We need more three drops and Ghirapur Guide is pretty good as it's effective even in the late game. With one and a half packs left to go, we shouldn't have a problem picking up another Appetite for the Unnatural or Fragmentize.

My Pick: Ghirapur Guide

Pack 2 Pick 9

Electrostatic Pummeler Make Obsolete Accomplished Automaton Failed Inspection Night Market Lookout Prakhata Club Security

I took the Make Obsolete as it's a good sideboard card if we choose to splash black.

My Pick: Make Obsolete

Pack 2 Pick 10

Fortuitous Find Metalspinner's Puzzleknot Pressure Point Ruinous Gremlin Tasseled Dromedary Torch Gauntlet

My Pick: Fortuitous Find

Pack 2 Pick 11

Madcap Experiment Acrobatic Maneuver Dramatic Reversal Hijack

I like having at least one Acrobatic Maneuver in Green-White. You have a good amount of creatures that are worth blinking, and Revoke Privileges and Malfunction are both key common removal spells that this card can deal with effectively.

My Pick: Acrobatic Maneuver

Pack 2 Pick 12

Prakhata Club Security Wily Bandar Workshop Assistant

My Pick: Wily Bandar

Pack 2 Pick 13

Consulate Skygate Curio Vendor

My Pick: Consulate Skygate

Pack 2 Pick 14

Sequestered Stash

My Pick: Sequestered Stash


The Deck after Pack 2

As I noted during the draft, as this point we mainly want more early creatures and removal spells. I also wanted to round our deck off with one more Naturalize-effect. We have enough top end so we don't want to pick any more up unless it's a bomb.

Pack 3 Pick 1

Metalwork Colossus Cloudblazer Iron League Steed Speedway Fanatic Appetite for the Unnatural Aviary Mechanic Hijack Night Market Lookout Peema Outrider Self-Assembler Thriving Turtle Torch Gauntlet Wild Wanderer Workshop Assistant

I believe Cloudblazer is one of the best uncommons in the set, and a five drop worth taking. Thanks to the mana fixing we've taken earlier, this won't be a problem to splash.

My Pick: Cloudblazer

Pack 3 Pick 2

Cultivator of Blades Chief of the Foundry Janjeet Sentry Voltaic Brawler Bastion Mastodon Fortuitous Find Ninth Bridge Patrol Prophetic Prism Subtle Strike Terror of the Fairgrounds Thriving Ibex Vedalken Blademaster Weldfast Wingsmith

I really wanted to avoid taking any more five drops but this is another bomb that's worth taking. I do think it's less good in our deck and I would have gladly taken a removal spell over it but the pack offered little else.

My Pick: Cultivator of Blades

Pack 3 Pick 3

Inventors' Fair Aethertorch Renegade Era of Innovation Start Your Engines Cogworker's Puzzleknot Hijack Ninth Bridge Patrol Select for Inspection Self-Assembler Spireside Infiltrator Take Down Thriving Grubs

The Cogworker's Puzzleknot is definitely underwhelming but I was getting worried that we didn't have enough early creatures. While I do think Ninth Bridge Patrol is a better card in a vacuum, I felt like our top end was already pretty powerful and the Puzzleknot was better against the aggro decks that I was worried about facing.

My Pick: Cogworker's Puzzleknot

Pack 3 Pick 4

Captured by the Consulate Aerial Responder Fabrication Module Spark of Creativity Commencement of Festivities Demolish Fireforger's Puzzlekkot Inventor's Goggles Renegade Tactics Ruinous Gremlin Subtle Strike

Captured by the Consulate is good, but Aerial Responder is fantastic and fits much nicer on the curve as we desperately need more early creatures.

My Pick: Aerial Responder

Pack 3 Pick 5

Servo Exhibition Attune with Aether Aviary Mechanic Demolish Glassblower's Puzzleknot Inspired Charge Lawless Broker Prakhata Club Security Propeller Pioneer Revoke Privileges

The removal spell we desperately needed. If it wasn't for the Revoke Privileges, I'd have taken Aviary Mechanic as we're still short on two drops.

My Pick: Revoke Privileges

Pack 3 Pick 6

Spirebluff Canal Consulate Surveillance Voltaic Brawler Aether Theorist Chandra's Pyrohelix Demolish Inventor's Goggles Night Market Lookout Pressure Point

Consulate Surveillance isn't a card I'd want even for our sideboard. Voltaic Brawler seems like the scariest card to play against.

My Pick: Voltaic Brawler

Pack 3 Pick 7

Botanical Sanctum Acrobatic Maneuver Night Market Lookout Revolutionary Rebuff Spontaneous Artist Take Down Thriving Rats Workshop Assistant

With the Cloudblazer pick up, I started to feel like we'd maybe want a second copy of Acrobatic Maneuver. Between the two Aerial Responders and a previous Take Down, I think we have enough for flying creatures.

My Pick: Acrobatic Maneuver

Pack 3 Pick 8

Aethertorch Renegade Incendiary Sabotage Aether Tradewinds Hijack Mind Rot Sky Skiff Vedalken Blademaster

My Pick: Incendiary Sabotage

Pack 3 Pick 9

Speedway Fanatic Appetite for the Unnatural Hijack Night Market Lookout Self-Assembler Torch Gauntlet Workshop Assistant

It managed to wheel, not punishing us for all the previous ones I passed.

My Pick: Appetite for the Unnatural

Pack 3 Pick 10

Ninth Bridge Patrol Subtle Strike Thriving Ibex Vedalken Blademaster Weldfast Wingsmith

Thanks to the second Aerial Responder we picked up, I felt like we didn't need another two drop just for the aggro matchup. I wanted another four drop and Thriving Ibex is solid.

My Pick: Thriving Ibex

Pack 3 Pick 11

Aethertorch Renegade Start Your Engines Hijack Self-Assembler

My Pick: Aethertorch Renegade

Pack 3 Pick 12

Commencement of Festivities Demolish Fireforger's Puzzlekkot Renegade Tactics

You can sideboard this in against the "go wide" decks that'll use Engineered Might or Inspired Charge to set up a big turn.

My Pick: Commencement of Festivities



The Deck after Pack 3 (Final Product)

Sorry about the last two picks not being captured, but they likely didn't make it to my maindeck or sideboard so it is irrelevant. This was the final deck with the cards on top in order of what I'd most consider playing.

I really wanted another cheap card for the aggro matchups, but I felt like the Consulate Skygate and Cogworker's Puzzleknot were both too weak to maindeck. Ornamental Courage does help for blocking against aggressive decks, but we didn't have enough early creatures to work with it. The deck was also light on removal spells – a Hunt the Weak or another Revoke Privileges would have helped a lot.

Overall, I felt like the deck was pretty good. It had great card advantage which helped in Green mirrors while having decent sideboard options to bring in against aggressive decks. I managed to go 2-1 with the deck, beating UW Aggro and RB Aggro in the first two rounds before falling to a fantastic GB deck in the third round. The lack of removal spells really hurt us as I couldn't deal with a big Aetherborn Marauder.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this article and would love to hear your thoughts on whether you'd like to see more of this type of content in the future! I've been enjoying Kaladesh limited thus far and I definitely recommend everyone to give this format a go!

Until next time!
Zen Takahashi
@mtgzen on Twitter

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