Terry Soh

Terry Soh

Player Bio
Terry Soh is most decorated player in all of Malaysia and one of the very best in the region. Probably the first of all the Asian Pacific players to lead the Pro lifestyle, he remains one of the few elite players to rack up three Pro Tour Top 8s and three Grand Prix Top 8s and enjoy a few seasons on the gravy train. He is also immortalized on Rakdos Augermage, a prize won by winning one of the toughest tournaments in the world, the Invitational. Terry Soh is back with a vengeance and you'll most likely be seeing more of him around!

3 Pro Tour Top 8s
3 Grand Prix Top 8s
1 National Champion title
4 National Top 8s
Invitational Winner: Rakdos Augermage

Why I Hate Lee Shi Tian
25 August 2018, Saturday by Terry Soh
Terry Soh tells everyone why he is voting Lee Shi Tian for the Hall of Fame, without a doubt.

Hall of Fame Magic Lifestyle
The Reserved List: Magic's Elixir of Immortality
24 July 2018, Tuesday by Terry Soh
Terry Soh does some extensive analysis on the Reserved List and how it impacts Magic.

Finance Legacy Magic Interest
A Guide to White-Black Eldrazi
13 June 2017, Tuesday by Terry Soh
Terry Soh writes about his brother's winning deck at Grand Prix Kobe!

AKH Constructed Modern
Analyzing the Reserved List
26 September 2016, Monday by Terry Soh
How does reprinting affect the secondary market and what are the smartest investments you can make?

Finance Magic Interest
A Guide to Black-Red Eldrazi
13 September 2016, Tuesday by Terry Soh
Terry Soh writes about B/R Eldrazi, a deck his brother Joe Soh brought to 9th place in Guangzhou!


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