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Taufik Indrakesuma

Taufik Indrakesuma

Player Bio

Taufik Indrakesuma is a combo deck aficionado who sits at the top of the Indonesian Lifetime Pro Point standings and is regarded as one of the top voices within the Indonesian community. Currently an RPTQ and Grand Prix grinder, his claim to fame comes from a 20th place finish at Pro Tour Honolulu 2009, as well as a finals appearance at Grand Prix Manila 2010, piloting his signature Polymorph combo deck.


Grand Prix Manila 2010 - 2nd
1 Nationals Top 8

Calculating Cheerios
09 February 2017, Thursday by Taufik Indrakesuma
Taufik Indrakesuma loves the Cheerios concept and steps on the math!

7 Ways to Go Deep with Panharmonicon
20 December 2016, Tuesday by Taufik Indrakesuma
Panharmonicon, the next step of the Standard evolution!

KLD Standard

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