Modern 4C Saheeli

by Soh Weng Heng on 04 January 2018, Thursday

Soh Weng Heng


Modern 4C Saheeli



Lotus Cobra Renegade Rallier Felidar Guardian


Fans of Saheeli Rai, the Cat Combo deck is back on the scene! She has recently resurfaced in Magic Online in the hands of Jeff Hoogland. He brought this list to a 5-0 finish and has gained quite a lot of attention.


I've tried it and the interactions for this deck are incredibly explosive, with a possibility to win as early as turn three. To achieve that, you will need key cards like Lotus Cobra, Renegade Rallier, Saheeli Rai, and Felidar Guardian in your hand to get the combo going.

Eldritch Evolution serves as a tutor to find Felidar Guardian to combo off or it can help you to find a creature which can help you solve a troublesome board situation.



Basic Interactions: Expectations for Turn-3 Combo


In my video above, it shows how we can achieve a turn-three Saheeli Combo win.


Woah! Wasn't it great?

Basic Interactions: Gain Value on the Board


Renegade Rallier

Apart from achieving the combo, Renegade Rallier also helps provides great value with his Revolt ability. Voice of Resurgence, Lotus Cobra, Birds of Paradise, and Fetch lands are great choices for Renegade Rallier.

From my match replay below, I managed to chain into eleven permanents on my board by turn three! My opponent was simply too behind at that point.




Advanced Interactions - Expecting Removal

Most of the time, against a more advanced gameplay scenario, you have to always be mentally prepared that your opponent will have a solution to break your combo. You have to have a backup plan in case the first one fails. 

I happened to bump into Kelvin Chew on a Magic Online Competitive League (he goes by the nickname, Hyper). This was a real test for my 4-Color Saheeli deck. In my match replay, I was able to cast Eldritch Evolution to tutor for Felidar Guardian to set up the Saheeli Rai combo. Unfortunately, it was disrupted by Hyper's Path to Exile

Thankfully, I had a second copy of Felidar Guardian in my hand and it was able to help me win next turn!



With my past experience playing 4-Color Saheeli in Standard, I am glad to pick up the list in Modern again. With my past experience running a 4c Saheeli deck, I managed to revise the deck this list



This deck is quite powerful but certainly requires practice to get it right. I hope these basic points will encourage you to try out this deck. I believe there is still plenty of room for this archetype to grow. Just learn about the deck in the meantime as the deck evolves!

Thanks for reading!

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