Azorius Fraying Sanity

by Soh Weng Heng on 26 July 2017, Wednesday

Soh Weng Heng


Azorius Fraying Sanity  


Fraying Sanity

Fraying Sanityis one of the cards from Hour of Devastation that got everyone excited to build a mill deck. I believe many of you have heard about this cool combo deck in Standard, but maybe you don't know how it fares in reality. With different variants built, I'm going to introduce you guys to the Azorius version!




I started off with the Mono Blue version but the experience wasn't great. Finding the key enchantment wasn't easy. I sometimes dug deep into my library with spells like Supreme Will to search for Fraying Sanity, but sometimes still miss. By then, it would be too late since you will be too far behind.

I did some research and found out that I could solve the problem by adding white for this card.

Open the Armory

With Open the Armory, I was able to tutor for Fraying Sanity and put it into my hand. This sorcery significantly Expedites the speed and consistency of the deck. You can open with turn two Open the Armory, turn three Fraying Sanity and turn four Startled Awake. It's simply amazing. Below is a match replay against White-Blue Monument, just to show you how this plays out.


Fraying Sanity vs. White-Blue Monument (1)



Aside from finding Fraying Sanity, Open the Armory can also find other Auras such as Aether Meltdown, Imprisoned in the Moon, Saving Grace, and any other Auras that might suit the metagame.


Fumigate Ironclad Slayer

Adding white also allowed me to play Fumigate in the sideboard. The creatures which have been destroyed by Fumigate also add towards the Fraying Sanity card count. Check out this sideboarded game against White-Blue Monument, where my opponent's creatures were totally wiped out and I managed to unlock the spells which were locked down by Spell Queller and Angel of Sanctions!


Fraying Sanity vs. White-Blue Monument (2)

Since there is always some form of removal in the sideboard, I'd also like to play a single copy of Ironclad Slayer, just in case an opponent brings in enchantment removal.


It Seems So Real


Startled Awake

It seems to real!” is the flavor text from Startled Awake and I won't be surprised if this deck picks up in popularity.


The deck has pretty good matchups against Ramp strategies, as well as Delirium, Emerge and Control decks because these opponents will inevitable add cards to their own graveyard. On the other side, this deck is weak against aggro decks such as Mono Red Aggro and Black-Red Eldrazi.

I hope that White-Blue Fraying Sanity can be competitive as much as it is fun to play. It's certainly frightening to be milled to death by Startled Awake! Before signing off, here are two more match replays against Red-Green Eldrazi Ramp and Blue-Red Control! Stay tuned for my next update as I continue to work on something interesting! Thanks!

Fraying Sanity vs. Red-Green Eldrazi Ramp




Fraying Sanity vs. Blue-Red Control



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