A New Perspective on New Perspectives

by Soh Weng Heng on 29 May 2018, Tuesday

Soh Weng Heng

A New Perspective on New Perspectives

One of, if not the most impactful cards from Dominaria has been Teferi, Hero of Dominaria. Our new Planeswalker has been experimented in a variety of different shells, such has straight UW, Jeskai, Esper and every other color combination that can accomodate it. He's even seen play in Modern, with some claiming that he's better than Jace, the Mind Sculptor. Ludicrous!

Those who know and follow me know will also know that I've been playing New Perspectives for as long as I can. It's never been particularly good, but a whole lot of fun. Of course, Dominaria did not give us a whole lot of tools for this deck, given that there weren't any cards that cycled. So I thought, why not try it in New Perspectives? So I fired up some games with Teferi in the sideboard:

Same Same, but Different

For the uninitiated, the plan of this deck is fairly straightforward - Get New Perspectives into play and go to town. Eventually, with enough activations of Vizier of Tumbling Sands and Shefet Monitor, we untap our lands enough times to cast Approach of the Second Sun to win the game! Post-board, we also have other win conditions to close out the game against opponents who want to rush us down or disrupt our plans.

Not much has changed from previous iterations, but I just thought it would be fun to try Teferi out. Today, I have a gameplay video for you! This is game 2 against a fairly stock White-Black Vampires list.

Game Recap


0:06: I keep a one-lander because there aren't a whole lot of better five-card hands, and if I can rip the lands, this hand can get me into the game.

0:23: I rip the third land! It even comes into play untapped, so I waste no time in playing Gift of Paradise. It's important here to mention that you should play Gift of Paradise on your basics, so you don't get blown out by Field of Ruin.

0:50: I slam The Locust God when things are looking grim. I just need a little more time to set up.....

1:35: I play Teferi, Hero of Dominaria after taking a turn off to play Drake Haven to produce more blockers. I use the +1 ability and untap 2 lands with Gift of Paradise on them. Now I'm really reaping the benefits of the extra mana!


The Locust GodDrake HavenGift of Paradise

2:44: We trade Cast Outs and fight over The Locust God. At this stage, I've come pretty close to turning the corner. I also have not drawn New Perspectives yet, which is fine because my hand has been pretty low for most of the game, so I wouldn't have been able to abuse the free cycling it provides.

3:25: My opponent casts Doomfall. I panic and cycle a bunch, creating blockers and hoping to fill my hand with lands. Unfortunately, I don't get there and get Haze of Pollen exiled again. My heart skips a beat. I hope I don't get punished!

3:58: Teferi continues to do work in concert with The Locust God and Drake Haven. I can start attacking now.

5:23: With the opponent at 27 life, I realise the timer is starting to turn red, and I get visions of Ultraman in my head. I generate a pile of tokens and send them in.

5:56: Sweet victory!

One of the major takeaways from this game is how well Teferi, Hero of Dominaria works with Gift of Paradise and other ways to tap lands for additional mana. This might be worth exploring in other formats as well(Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx anyone?). I'll certainly be looking to test this out more!

The other main takeaway is that Teferi, Hero of Dominaria is the real deal. As you get to untap lands upon playing him, he is basically a planeswalker that costs 3 - Or, as this game has shown, 1! One of the main drawbacks of Jace, the Mind Sculptor is its inability to claw you back from a losing game. While Teferi, Hero of Dominaria does suffer from the same problem, leaving the mana open does allow for all sorts of shenanigans. I could even see Teferi being played in some sort of strange Turbofog list, eventually using the ultimate to grind the opponent into nothing!


That's all I have for this instalment. I hope you've enjoyed reading!



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