Simon Nielsen

Simon Nielsen

Simon Nielsen is a linguistics student from Denmark, and he has active on the Pro Tour in the past two seasons. As a part of the ”Daneblast” Danish National team that won the World Magic Cup in 2014, he burst onto the Magic scene. Since then, he joined Team EUreka along with fellow Danes Martin Müller and Martin Dang. Simon is known for the red tie with crazy buttons that he always wears to tournaments, as well as his colorful and laughing personality. He streams regularly on and can be caught on Twitter at @MrChecklistcard.

World Magic Cup 2014 winner
Grand Prix Brussels 2015 - 2nd
Pro Tour Eldritch Moon - 10th
2017 Magic Online Championship Competitor

GP Birmingham: Before and After
18 May 2018, Friday by Simon Nielsen
Simon Nielsen just won a GP! Check out what he was thinking pre- and post-tournament!

Dominaria Grand Prix Birmingham Standard
Dominaria Brews
08 May 2018, Tuesday by Simon Nielsen
Check out what Simon Nielsen has been working with from Dominaria!

Dominaria Standard
On Team Events and Skipping Tournaments
17 April 2018, Tuesday by Simon Nielsen
Is there value in skipping an event? Occasionally, Simon (Nielsen) says!

Magic Lifestyle Organized Play Team Constructed
Your Guide to Blue-Black Midrange
13 March 2018, Tuesday by Simon Nielsen
Simon Nielsen writes about one of the most dominant decks in current Standard.

Constructed RIX Standard
Standard's Awesome Now!
06 March 2018, Tuesday by Simon Nielsen
Simon Nielsen shares his opinions on the state of Standard as well as some important trends!

Constructed RIX Standard
Rivals of Ixalan Sealed Head Start
22 January 2018, Monday by Simon Nielsen
Simon Nielsen provides a guide to RIX Sealed Deck! Get a head start!

Limited RIX Sealed Deck
Jadelight Ranger is the new Rogue Refiner
16 January 2018, Tuesday by Simon Nielsen
Simon Nielsen addresses the new Standard format after the recent B&R Announcement.

Constructed RIX Standard

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