Rhystic Study: Narset, Enlightened Master

by Prophet of Kruphix on 15 December 2016, Thursday

Prophet of Kruphix

The "Prophet of Kruphix" is the biggest EDH fan, and presents "Rhystic Study", a dedicated Commander column! Commander is a casual format that is designed for everyone to have a lot of fun!

Rhystic Study


Rhystic Study: Narset, Enlightened Master

Narset, Enlightened Master


Greetings, chosen one... Welcome to the 28th column of "Rhystic Study"!

Commander is mostly about fun but there are times you want to do some degenerate things as well. After all, what is fun to one person might mean differently to another. Today, we're going to attempt taking infinite turns, firing off multiple planeswalker emblems and or even killing a player outright with a series of attacks that result in 21 Commander damage! This is all possible in this very unique and powerful deck.

Narset, Enlightened Master is very powerful simply because she has hexproof. Once she attacks, you will able to look at the top 4 cards of your deck and cast noncreature spell for free! Once you understand this, you'll want to load up your deck with no creatures at all, in order to improve your Commander's triggered ability! Let's get to it!



Building Blocks #1: Time Walks and Additional Combat Steps


When you attack with Narset, Enlightened Master, you'll only get to trigger her once. One way to get around it is to generate more turns so that you can attack again! You can load up the entire deck with Time Walk effects that's bound to make everyone hate you. That's kind of Narset's specialty. The beauty of these Time Walk effects is that you can simply pay mana to "cycle" it away, so there is really no harm in playing a few more.


Time Stretch Time Warp Part the Waterveil Walk the Aeons Beacon of Tomorrows Temporal Mastery

Alternatively, you can also play some cards that give you additional combat steps such as Relentless Assault. Remember, every attack you get is an average of 2+ noncreature cards as a free gift!

Relentless Assault Seize the Day World at War Waves of Aggression Fury of the Horde




Building Blocks #2: Combat Support


In multiplayer games, there will always be some players without creatures, or have insufficient blockers to take down a 3/2 first striker. However, sometimes you just want a little support in case the board gets clogged up, rendering you unable to attack. In that case, here are the best cards that combo with Narset, Enlightened Master that make her very powerful in combat!


Conqueror's Flail Cyclonic Rift Divine Reckoning Cataclysm Aqueous Form Steel of the Godhead




Building Blocks #3: Planeswalkers


Since there are many Time Walk effects and Narset, Enlightened Master allows you to cast noncreature spells and not just instants or sorceries, you'll want to stack up your deck with planeswalkers as well. In just a few hits, you will be ready to create a new emblem to take over the game in a whole new way!


Chandra, Torch of Defiance Venser, the Sojourner Ugin, the Spirit Dragon Elspeth, Knight-Errant Ral Zarek Tamiyo, the Moon Sage Nahiri, the Harbinger Jace, the Mind Sculptor




Building Blocks #4: Other Huge Spells


If you're going to be casting free noncreature spells, they might as well be big, flashy and impactful. Here are some of the most scary cards to instill fear in your opponents!


Expropriate Omniscience Blatant Thievery


Some lists also play cards like Eldrazi Conscription, Storm Herd, Enter the Infinite, Mass Calcify, Razia's Purification and Mind's Dilation! The sky's the limit! Mix and match and play with your favorite haymakers!




Building Blocks #5: Early Defense


Your Commander costs six mana, which isn't cheap. You'll need some ways to protect yourself as you ramp your way up to six mana. There are a lot of mana rocks such as Sol Ring, Coaltion Relic, Gilded Lotus, signets and so on, but you'll also want a little defense just in case you're being overrun. After all, you aim is simply to cast Narset, Enlightened Master and get in one successful attack with her!


Swords to Plowshares Path to Exile Counterspell Mana Drain Propaganda Ghostly Prison Rhystic Study Supreme Verdict Sphere of Safety

All these cards buy you time in some way or another and prolongs the game until you can reach six mana.




The Final Product!


Rhystic Study: Narset, Enlightened Master (Commander - 1st)

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Narset, Enlightened Master is really powerful in Commander and that's also why it's the most popular Jeskai Commander. It does big and flashy things. It's powerful and consistent and has a clear game plan. It's also easily to modify, based on what big mana cards you like to throw in.


Disclaimer: Don't play this deck with the friends you like. You might not have them after the game.



Prophet of Kruphix

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