Rhystic Study: Nahiri, the Lithomancer

by Prophet of Kruphix on 07 December 2016, Wednesday

Prophet of Kruphix

The "Prophet of Kruphix" is the biggest EDH fan, and presents "Rhystic Study", a dedicated Commander column! Commander is a casual format that is designed for everyone to have a lot of fun!

Rhystic Study


Rhystic Study: Nahiri, the Lithomancer

Nahiri, the Lithomancer


Greetings, chosen one... Welcome to the 27th column of "Rhystic Study"!

This week, the theme is equipment, something I don't think we've ever done yet. The best part is that we'll finally get to play with the cycle of swords (awesome if you have Masterpieces) and the Grand Prix promos Stoneforge Mystic and Batterskull. Without a demanding mana base, it is also relatively easy to build and you are able to customise it based on what kind of equipment you want or have!

The beauty of playing with Nahiri, the Lithomancer is that you'll be able to load up your entire deck with equipment and never have to worry that you have no creatures, because your Commander creates creature tokens to hold the equipment. In addition, you'll also be able to cheat on the equipment's mana costs, which saves you a ton of mana. Let's find out how we want to do this!



Building Blocks #1: Big Equipment


Naturally, we're going to start by finding the biggest, baddest equipment there are. Well, most of these cards are self-explanatory but can you think of any more that are good? 


Argentum Armor Loxodon Warhammer Sword of Vengeance Sword of Fire and Ice Sword of Feast and Famine Sword of War and Peace Sword of Light and Shadow Sword of Body and Mind Sword of Kaldra Shield of Kaldra Helm of Kaldra Darksteel Plate Batterskull Godsend Blade of Selves

Just to focus a little about Blade of Selves. You can always use Stoneforge Mystic to search for it and then when you attack multiple players with it, you get to search up even more copies of other equipment. It is also a great combo with a few other creatures in the deck, such as Taj-Nar Swordsmith, Mentor of the Meek and Recruiter of the Guard.




Building Blocks #2: Equipment-Friendly Men


Some creatures love equipment more than others and here are some of the best creatures to go along the whole bunch of equipment you have. These guys will be able to do some fancy tricks with equipment and provide a lot of synergy with the rest of your deck, in particular, searching them out and putting them onto the battlefield, drawing cards off them, or equipping them for free, lesser or at instant speed! Check out your new army!


Armory Automaton Stoneforge Mystic Stone Haven Outfitter Auriok Steelshaper Stonehewer Giant Taj-Nar Swordsmith Relic Seeker Puresteel Paladin Leonin Shikari




Building Blocks #3: A Little Removal


Since your Commander is planeswalker, you want to be able to get rid of incoming attackers. However, you don't want to play too many mass removal effects because you have some nifty creatures of your own, and also you don't want to wipe your own guys after spending a lot of effort to move a lot of equipment onto them.


Since you're likely to be having the biggest guys (hopefully indestructible too!), I prefer just single spot removal at instant speed, and beware to hold them just in case you run into something nasty like Gorilla Shaman or some similar creature with a repeated activated ability you can't handle!


Swords to Plowshares Path to Exile Condemn Dispatch Wrath of God Rout



Building Blocks #4: Other Equipment Synergy


Masterwork of Ingenuity Sigarda's Aid

Enlightened Tutor Open the Armory Steelshaper's Gift


Masterwork of Ingenuity essentially lets you double up on whichever equipment you want additional of. With so many targets in your deck, you never have to worry that it will be doing nothing. Sigarda's Aid is also an awesome addition simply because it does so much for you for only one mana.


Enlightened Tutor, Open the Armory Steelshaper's Gift, in addition to some other creatures can also help you to find the equipment you need to beat your opponent. For a start, always search for the sword that matches the color of your opponent's deck. And if you desire, assembling the trio of Sword, Helm and Shield of Kaldra is also possible!




The Final Product!

All in all, this is a rather simple deck to put together because the theme is so focused. If you want to play around artifact hate, you can also swap out some cards to mitigate losses from Akroma's Vengeance, Austere Command, Shatterstorm and the likes. For example, you can shave some other equipment to play Second Sunrise, Open the Vault, Faith's Reward, Refurbish and so on, such that you can recover more easily.



Oh yes, if you like, you can always swap out Nahiri, the Lithomancer for Kemba, Kha Regent for a slightly different "commandeering" experience! This is why I said that the deck is practically 2-in-1!



Prophet of Kruphix

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