Rhystic Study: Gisa and Geralf

by Prophet of Kruphix on 02 August 2017, Wednesday

Prophet of Kruphix

The "Prophet of Kruphix" is the biggest EDH fan, and presents "Rhystic Study", a dedicated Commander column! Commander is a casual format that is designed for everyone to have a lot of fun!

Rhystic Study

Rhystic Study: Gisa and Geralf

Gisa and Geralf


Greetings, chosen one... Welcome to the 44th column of "Rhystic Study"!

It's been a while since we built a tribal deck. Actually, we've never actually built a tribal deck and I've decided to make Gisa and Geralf the first choice! Traditionally, creature-based decks are weak against the bunch of mass removal spells in the format so you'll need to bear that in mind if you wish to play with a lot of creatures.

You'll want a source of card advantage to keep up with the mass removal. You might want some counterspells to stop the nasty board wipes. You might also want some recursion potential and also ways to keep your board intact while winning the game with your army!

Gisa and Geralf fits most of these criteria and would make a wonderful Commander! Let's see what we can do with the brother and sister duo!




Building Blocks #1: Zombie Lords!


Let's face it, Zombies are not all that huge in size. Most of them are 2/2s and 3/3s but what if we could enhance them with some of the Zombie Lords out there? Fortunately, there are many and some of them even come attached with a little utility!


Cemetery Reaper Death Baron Diregraf Captain Lord of the Undead Risen Executioner Undead Warchief


Additionally, Zombie Master is also pretty good against any board sweeper, unless they exile or tuck creatures like Final Judgment or Hallowed Burial.


Zombie lords might be pretty awesome but if you want to win the game outright, try out one of these!


Coat of Arms Obelisk of Urd Door of Destinies




Building Blocks #2: Filling Out Your Graveyard


For Gisa and Geralf to work effectively, you want to fill up your graveyard. This is why Fact or Fiction, Forbidden Alchemy and Buried Alive are some of the best cards for our deck.


Fact or Fiction Forbidden Alchemy Buried Alive


Other ways to fill out your graveyard are also discarding cards through certain discard outlets. Some of the cards you don't mind pitching are Prized Amalgam and Gravecrawler.


Cryptbreaker Necromancer's Stockpile Forgotten Creation Graf Harvest


With Necromancer's Stockpile, you can cycle through your deck before using Gisa and Geralf to recast them! Dread Summons not only helps you mill yourself, but also create an army! Everything just looks like soooo much fun!




Building Blocks #3: Other Zombie-Themed Cards


Some cards work great with a bunch of Zombies by your side. For example, Zombie Apocalypse is kind of like a one-sided Patriach's Bidding, while Call to the Grave doesn't really affect you at all. Endless Rank of the Dead is an awesome card, that also goes well alongside Liliana, the Last Hope's emblem.


Call to the Grave Dark Salvation Endless Ranks of the Dead Dread Summons Rooftop Storm Zombie Apocalypse




Building Blocks #4: Sacrificial Shenanigans


There are plenty of nifty interactions in the deck and even some infinite combos. To start things off, we have the three-card combo of...


Gravecrawler Phyrexian Altar Diregraf Captain


In a hundred-card deck, it's not going to be easy but still, you have some other interactions that can utterly control the board. Aside from Phyrexian Altar is one of the best sacrifice outlets, in addition to Ashnod's Altar, Altar of Dementia and Corpse Harvester. All these cards play well alongside Grave Pact and Dictate of Erebos.


Grave Pact Dictate of Erebos

Not to be a ruthless Zombie master, but you really don't care if your creatures die at all. Gravecrawler and Relentless Dead have the ability to recur themselves, your Commander has the ability to recast any creature in your deck and other options such as Oversold Cemetery and reanimation spells ensure a steady army. Skullclamp also gets ridiculous when you get it going.




The Final Product!


Putting all of that together and adding in nice lands, efficient tutors and cool mana rocks, we have this following product!


Dimir Signet Demonic Tutor Unholy Grotto


Rhystic Study: Gisa and Geralf (Commander - Others)

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Does this deck whet your appetite yet? It's a deck oozing with recursion, overflowing with card advantage and quite honestly downright annoying to play against!



Prophet of Kruphix

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