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Philipp Schonegger

Philipp Schonegger

Philipp Schönegger is one of the most well-known Legacy players of Europe, who is also responsible for the creation of Ponder-Miracle, arguably the best deck in Legacy. Furthermore he is one of the best and most likely the fastest Miracle player up to this day. This very knowledge has granted him two consecutive Legacy Grand Prix Top 8s, one of them being the fourth largest Grand Prix of all time. Additionally he is trying to play as many Legacy events as possible all over the world while writing a lot about the format itself.

Grand Prix Paris 2014 - 4th
Grand Prix New Jersey 2014 - 4th

Legacy Lessons: All about Flusterstorm
09 December 2015, Wednesday by Philipp Schonegger
Philipp Schönegger zones in one a very important instant that you should be playing more of...

Legacy Legacy Lessons

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