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Petr Sochůrek

Petr Sochůrek

Player Bio
Petr Sochůrek is the up-and-coming Czech player to watch, and we're proud to have him on board. Quietly racking up strong Pro Tour finishes and locking up Platinum, Petr Sochůrek is sometimes called the "Steve Rubin of Europe".

With less than 10 Pro Tour appearances under his belt, to achieve so much within such a short time is a sign of genius and prodigy. He has also made two Grand Prix Top 8s, winning Grand Prix Paris 2016 with Grixis Control.

Pro Tour Born of the Gods - Top 16
Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar - Top 32
Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad - Top 32
Grand Prix Paris 2016 - 1st
Grand Prix Lille 2015 - 6th
Grand Prix Manchester 2016 - 9th (13-2)
Grand Prix Vienna 2014 - 9th (13-2)

Modern Merfolk: The Best Build
28 June 2016, Tuesday by Petr Sochůrek
Why is Merfolk a great choice for the World Magic Cup Qualifiers and why is Petr recommending it?


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