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by MTG Mint Card on 07 January 2020, Tuesday

MTG Mint Card
Grand Prix (MagicFest) Order Pick-Up! 
Are you headed for the coming Grand Prix (MagicFest) soon? 
Well, if your answer is Yes, you can choose to pick up your MTG Mint Card orders! Not only do you save on shipping (that's right, no shipping and handling will be charged for self-pick-ups!), you'll be able to receive your orders with a total peace of mind!  
Grand Prix (MagicFest) Brussels (30 Jan - 2 Feb) & Phoenix (6 Feb - 9 Feb)
*Cut-off date for ordering: 24th Jan 08:00 (UTC +8) 
Grand Prix (MagicFest) Detroit (13 Mar - 15 Mar)
*Cut-off date for ordering: 9th Mar 08:00 (UTC +8) 
Grand Prix (MagicFest) Louisville (27 Mar - 29 Mar)
*Cut-off date for ordering: 23rd Mar 08:00 (UTC +8)
Grand Prix (MagicFest) Palm Beach (10 Apr - 12 Apr)
*Cut-off date for ordering: 6th Apr 08:00 (UTC +8)  
Grand Prix (MagicFest) Houston (24 Apr - 26 Apr)
*Cut-off date for ordering: 20th Apr 08:00 (UTC +8)

We'll process your orders and safely transport them to our booth at these events! Drop by our MTG Mint Card booth to pick up your orders!

If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us and our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to help! Have a wonderful day!

Warmest regards,
MTG Mint Card

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