Dominaria Preview: Verdant Force

by Lee Shi Tian on 11 April 2018, Wednesday

Lee Shi Tian


Hello everyone,

Dominaria Prereleases are just a week away, and we're thrilled to return to Dominaria, one of the most famous planes in Magic History. Today, I'd like to show you one of the most iconic reprints in the expansion, as well as the brand new artwork.



Back in the old days, Verdant Force was the "go-to" creature of choice in Reanimator decks. Being a 7/7, it allows us to kill our opponent in three hits. It also provides a bunch of tokens to hold back the board, and you'll likely be able to chump block to ensure your survival until you make a ten or twenty more Saprolings to win the game.

Most likely, Verdant Force will see high-level play in Limited. Eight mana might be a lot to pay, but players have always found ways to make it work, either by drafting a ramp deck (oh, Llanowar Elves) or a slow midrange or control deck.

It's also great in Sealed Deck or Team Sealed. You could even pick it in your Booster Draft as your "Pick One Pick One" and then build around it. Mana accelerators, annoying blockers, recursion. Once you get Verdant Force into play, it becomes an unstoppable force.


Saproling Migration  Tendershoot Dryad


Interestingly, Saprolings seems to be one of the sub-tribal themes which received a considerable boost. You can even build a casual Saproling deck in Standard! Sporecrown Thallid is a two-mana Lord while Saproling Migration is looking to be a great token generator! Let's also not forget that Tendershoot Dryad was printed in Ixalan, which gives us a source of tokens and a team boost all in one. Casual players will likely be thrilled by these new additions!

While Verdant Force might not be good enough for competitive Constructed play, it can certainly see some Brawl or Commander action. Getting a token every upkeep is great in multiplayer games and I hope you won't become the common enemy when Verdant Force hits play.

Enjoy your Dominaria Prerelease weekend, and most importantly, I'm sure we'll all enjoy Dominaria!



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