5 Modern Brews with Aether Revolt

by Kelvin Chew on 10 January 2017, Tuesday

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Kelvin Chew

5 Modern Brews with Aether Revolt


The complete Aether Revolt spoiler is out and there are some Modern gems which might be able to revive some forgotten archetypes in Modern. Without further delay, let's start with the most obvious one.




Black-Green Midrange


Fatal Push

Fatal Push is a Modern-defining card and will influence how some decks will be built because of this card. The drawback on this card is very minimal because turning on Revolt is as easy as cracking a fetchland.


Decks like Jund, Abzan and Grixis Control have to seriously consider whether splashing a third color is even needed as two-color manabases mean taking lesser damage which might be crucial against aggro deck. The ability to play utility lands like Ghost Quarter is also a bonus because it is good against Tron and manlands.


The biggest gain is probably the Green black Midrange from Grand Prix Dallas and by changing Disfigure and some number of Dismember to Fatal Push, meaning that you're even more favored against Burn and Death's Shadow Aggro.


Cards like Tasigur, the Golden Fang, Hooting Mandrills, Gurmag Angler might start to see more play if Fatal Push becomes the most played removal spell in the future.


Let's continue to see what other cards that will be able to fit into other Modern archetypes.




Bushwhacker Zoo


Hidden Herbalists Greenwheel Liberator

Hidden Herbalists and Greenwheel Liberator might be what Bushwhacker Zoo is currently missing.



Hidden Herbalists allows this deck to have more explosive draws as this deck aim to kill opponents as fast as possible. If you still remember playing during the Eldrazi Winter, vomiting your entire hand of Eldrazi Mimic and Endless One on turn 1 with Eye of Ugin was disgusting.


Although this only happens on turn 2 with Bushwhacker Zoo, it is still probably the fastest creature deck we can have in Modern. The main issue is usually not drawing Burning-Tree Emissary but now we have a total of 8 Burning-Tree Emissary to work with in order to improve the consistency of the deck. The drawback of the card is it produce double green instead of red-green which you can’t cast Reckless Bushwhacker off it.

Imagine you have this opening hand:


Wooded Foothills Stomping Ground Burning-Tree Emissary Wild Nacatl Reckless Bushwhacker Hidden Herbalists Atarka's Command

This hand represents a total of 12 damage on turn 2! On turn 3, you can attack with your entire team and fire off Atarka's Command for lethal!


The other card that I think would be a great addition is Greenwheel Liberator. Since you are already playing 12 fetchlands, turning on Revolt for Greenwheel Liberator is pretty easy and a 4/3 on turn 2 is nothing to scoff at. It also give you something to cast from the free mana that Hidden Herbalists and Burning-Tree Emissary generates you.


Some of you may question whether it is better than Tarmogoyf? As this deck aims to finish opponent as early as turn 4, having a more consistent 4/3 on turn 2 is better in this deck than Tarmogoyf as it might just be a 2/3 at times because we only play 8 spells.


Moving on!




Puresteel Paladin Combo


Sram, Senior Edificer


Same as the above archetype, Aether Revolt gives the  Puresteel Paladin Combo deck another combo piece for consistency. The deck is an all-in combo deck and is always about drawing the namesake card by turn 2. With Sram, Senior Edificer thrown in, we now have eight copies of the enabler.


The basic idea of the deck is to play out either Puresteel Paladin or Sram, Senior Edifier on turn 2 and cast a bunch of equipment spells to draw cards, Retract back all your equipment and repeat and finish them off with Grapeshot.


Puresteel Paladin Combo (Modern - Others)

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4-Color Humans


Metallic Mimic


When Metallic Mimic was previewed, the first thing I wanted to do was to revive 4-Color Humans which recently did well in a Japanese tournament. Curving out with a mana dork into turn 2 Hanweir Garrison and turn 3 Metallic Mimic plus Mayor of Avabruck allows your team to attack for some serious damage.


The tokens produced by Hanweir Garrison also buffs your Champion of the Parish and Thalia's Lieutenant when he attacks. Collected Company gives this deck reach because you have a total of 11 "lords" to hit from Collected Company.


Here is the decklist that I would try.




Bant Eldrazi

Metallic Mimic also fits well into Bant Eldrazi. The deck is known for lacking a good and synergistic 2-drop and Metallic Mimic fits in well. A turn 2 Metallic Mimic followed by Eldrazi Skyspawner will transform it into a 5-power creature. Similarly, with Drowner of Hope, it is a total of 10 power.


Having multiple Metallic Mimics is good as your Eldrazi will come into play with an additional +1+1 counter for each Metallic Mimic in play and with Eldrazi Displacer in the deck, you can even blink your Eldrazi to give them an additional +1+1 counters.


I hope these brews provide you some ideas to explore more. Aether Revolt will certainly impact some old Modern archetypes but for the moment, I will be busy preparing for Standard as Pro Tour Aether Revolt is soon approaching!

Happy brewing!


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