Justin Robb

Justin Robb

Justin Robb is a player hailing from Queensland, Australia. A constructed specialist with a penancebeat down decks and unconventional strategies. This was typified by his breakout 2013 Modern GPwin with Affinity. You can find him at most APAC GPs or far flung RPTQs as he chases the Pro Tour dream.

Grand Prix Brisbane 2013 - 1st
World Magic Cup Australia Team 2014

Tribal Decks in Standard
24 January 2018, Wednesday by Justin Robb
Interested to play Vampires or Merfolk in Standard? Check out two decklists from Justin Robb!

Standard Constructed
Drafting Splinter Twin in Cube
29 December 2017, Friday by Justin Robb
Splinter Twin might be dead in Modern but it is alive and well in Cube!

Cube Vintage Cube Vintage
Attacking Standard with Black-Red Aggro
27 November 2017, Monday by Justin Robb
Today, we present

Standard XLN Constructed
Exploring Ixalan Limited
11 October 2017, Wednesday by Justin Robb
Justin Robb provides a comprehensive guide to the world of Ixalan Limited.

Limited Sealed Deck Booster Draft XLN
Tropical Fish
25 September 2017, Monday by Justin Robb
Justin Robb begins brewing for Ixalan Standard and presents Blue-Green Merfolk!

Standard Constructed XLN
Standard for Nationals 2017
04 September 2017, Monday by Justin Robb
Justin Robb runs through the state of Standard at the moment and provides some tips for Nationals.

A Guide to Amonkhet Team Sealed
21 June 2017, Wednesday by Justin Robb
Justin Robb is heading for Grand Prix Sydney and shares some of his discoveries in Team Limited.

Team Limited Limited Sealed Deck AKH
Temur Summonings
12 June 2017, Monday by Justin Robb
Justin Robb writes about Temur Summonings, a deck he brought to Grand Prix Manila!

Standard AKH Constructed
A Modern Experiment
04 April 2017, Tuesday by Justin Robb
Welcoming Justin Robb to the MTG Mint Card family!

Modern Constructed AER

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