Huang Hao Shan

Huang Hao Shan

Bio Since his Pro Tour debut, Huang Hao-Shan has clocked over 260 Pro Points while racking up six Grand Prix Top 8s including a win at Grand Prix Taipei 2014. making him one of the most consistent performers in Asia Pacific. As a perennial Gold pro, he is a fixture on the international Grand Prix and Pro Tour circuit. Not only is Huang Hao Shan an all-rounded player with balanced skillsets, his calm and collected personality is a great complement to his teammates of Team MTG Mint Card.


World Championships 2011 - 4th (Team)
Grand Prix Detroit 2016 - 4th
Grand Prix Taipei 2014 - 1st
Grand Prix Melbourne 2014 - 8th
Grand Prix Singapore 2013 - 8th
Grand Prix Brisbane 2011 - 5th
Grand Prix Singapore 2011 - 7th
World Magic Cup 2014 - Chinese Taipei Team Member
World Magic Cup 2015 - Chinese Taipei Captain
World Magic Cup 2016 - Chinese Taipei Captain
World Magic Cup 2017 - Chinese Taipei Captain
2 Nationals Top 8s
2 National Champion titles

Returning to Dominaria
19 April 2018, Thursday by Huang Hao Shan
Huang Hao-Shan attends a special Pre-Prerelease Event and shares his first thoughts on Dominaria!

DOM Dominaria Limited Prerelease Sealed Deck
A Guide to Red-Green Ramp
04 May 2016, Wednesday by Huang Hao Shan
Huang Hao Shan provides a guide to a deck which part of MTG Mint Card played at PTSOI.

PTSOI Standard

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