Holistic Wisdom: Top 7 Constructed Gems in AER

by Freyalise on 11 January 2017, Wednesday


"Holistic Wisdom" is all about LISTS! This series are a result of Freyalise's exploration of Dominaria! Let's follow recent trends, hot decks, metagame calls, Magic pop culture and pretty much everything! Each week, we'll pick a topic and make a list that's both informative and fun to read!


Holistic Wisdom



Holistic Wisdom: Holistic Wisdom: Top 7 Constructed Gems in AER


It is an exciting time for Standard, to be honestly. Following the banning of Smuggler's Copter, Emrakul, the Promised End and Reflector Mage, we not have hundreds of card entering the fray too.


There are tons of cool cards in Aether Revolt but which are the 7 with most Constructed potential?



7. Disallow




Ever since Counterspell rotated out of Standard, we've been filling that void with cards like Dissipate, Scatter to the Winds, Cancel and Dissolve! The world didn't end for blue mages out there and they should be really happy to have Disallow in their countermagic suite.




6. Hidden Herbalists


Hidden Herbalists

Free creatures are always worth a second look, for example Memnite, Ornithopter, Burning-Tree Shaman and even Palinchron. Similarly, deck-buildings will be glad to have Hidden Herbalists in Modern, because by simply cracking a fetch land, they will be able to enjoy a 2/2 for free!

5. Shock



It's been a long time since we had Shock return to Standard. Even though cards like Fiery Impulse and Galvanic Blast could kill bigger creatures, they never had the option to "go for the face". Shock is always a worthy contender in Standard Constructed and with less Smuggler's Copters and Reflector Mages you need to kill,  only time will tell if it can become a tournament staple in this current environment.

4. Aethersphere Harvester


Aethersphere Harvester

Wow, this will likely be the replacement for Smuggler's Copter even if it does cost one mana more. It dampens attacks against aggro decks and is extremely difficult to kill and only has Crew 1 to boot! Heart of Kiran is also a potential candidate, but I am going to give the nod to Aethersphere Harvester!


3. Yahenni's Expertise


Yahenni's Expertise


The cycle of "expertises" all share one thing in common and that is the ability to "cheat on mana". Such an effect has always held the potential for abuse but we're highlighting the black one. It wipes the board of weenies and even allows you to drop Liliana, the Last Hope or a creature of your own onto the board. That is both a sweet and a sick deal!




2. Whir of Invention


Whir of Invention


Instant-speed tutors with a cost-reduction mechanic? Sign me up! Did you guys forget how great Chord of Calling was. While Whir of Invention will always cost a minimum of three mana, it enables a lot of sick plays in Modern, most notably searching out Lotus Bloom as though it were a Black Lotus!




1. Fatal Push


Fatal Push


Smother and Abrupt Decay were all Constructed superstars and Fatal Push is no different. Costing only one mana, it has the potential to warp deckbuilding in high-powered formats.




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