Holistic Wisdom: 7 Interesting Cards at PT Ixalan

by Freyalise on 08 November 2017, Wednesday


Holistic Wisdom: 7 Interesting Cards at PT Ixalan


"Holistic Wisdom" is all about LISTS! This series is a result of Freyalise's exploration of Dominaria! Let's follow recent trends, hot decks, metagame calls, Magic pop culture and pretty much everything! Each week, we'll pick a topic and make a list that's both informative and fun to read!


Holistic Wisdom



It has been a long time since Ixalan's release and Pro Tour Ixalan is finally over. Now the the Pros have perfected their decks with the newfound time, which were the most interesting cards to make it to their decklists. Some of these cards were tried and forgotten, while others made a first-time appearance in high level play!






7. Nissa, Steward of Elements


Nissa, Steward of Elements


Nissa, Steward of Elements saw very light play in the past but with Seth Manfield winning Pro Tour Ixalan with two copies of it in the sideboard, she's going to rise in popularity. It is a great card in grindy mirrors and a planeswalker that can hit the board as cheaply as three-mana could not be ignored.

If Temur Energy, Sultai Energy, and control decks continue to dominate Standard, then having a couple more planeswalkers might do the trick.




6. Die Young


Die Young


Copies of Die Young were also found in Sultai Energy sideboards, presumably to act as an early removal spell against aggro decks, while also providing an additional solution to the ever-popular Hazoret the Fervent.

A card which is decent early - and great late - is certainly worthy of seeing play, even if it does as restrictions as a sorcery.





5. River's Rebuke


River's Rebuke


Not only did Piotr Glogowski go 8-0 in Day 1, he also made the Top 8 with 4-Color Energy. He figured out that River's Rebuke was one of the best ways to beat the mirror and it certainly served him well. When the board is clogged up to a point where combat seems impossible, knowing that you have a copy of this one-sided Upheaval meant that victory was inevitable.

Usual suspects such as Longtusk CubGlint-Sleeve SiphonerRogue RefinerAttune with AetherFatal Push, and Walking Ballista form the core of this midrange deck.




4. Deathgorge Scavenger


Deathgorge Scavenger


Limited might all be about Territorial Hammerskull and Charging Monstrosaur but the most heavily-played Dinosaur all weekend was Deathgorge Scavenger.

Not only was the ability great against dead Earthshaker Khenras in the graveyard, the life gain often meant the difference between life and death against Ramunap Red. In addition, it was also a hedge against the God-Pharaoh's Gift deck which doesn't like graveyard removal either!




3. Chart a Course


Chart a Course


Pascal Maynard certainly surprised us with Chart a Course in his God-Pharaoh's Gift deck. Discarding a card may not always be a disadvantage, especially when you're trying to fill up your graveyard with creatures. And if your graveyard is full enough, two mana for Divination ain't bad either!




2. Fiery Cannonade


Fiery Cannonade


With Sweltering Suns in the format, you might think that it was to "go-to" board sweeper if you're in red. However, if you were only splashing red for Harnessed Lighting, you certainly preferred Fiery Cannonade. With very few Pirates in the format, this card didn't have much of a drawback.

Former World Champion Guillaume Matignon showed us just how powerful Jeskai Approach can be and proved that splashing red for just a few cards was worth the effort!




1. Hostile Desert


Hostile Desert


This one certainly surprised many of us too. Showing up in White-Blue God-Pharaoh's Gift sideboards, it seemed to be the only deck which can utilize it without much drawback. Having a 3/4 man land to go along with your beatdown plan certainly was a great idea and it also provided an additional land count if you needed extra!




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