Holistic Wisdom: 7 Funnest Cards in Battlebond

by Freyalise on 11 June 2018, Monday


Holistic Wisdom: Top 7 Cards of Dominaria


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Holistic Wisdom



Battlebond has hit the shelves! Did you take part in the Battlebond weekend? If you did, I'm sure you must have had a lot of fun! Not only is Battlebond filled with Commander and Cube goodies, but it's also great for Team Sealed, Two-Headed Giant Sealed, or even Team Draft!

What are the "funnest" cards to come out of this highly-interactive expansion? We've picked out a few cards which are likely to create fond moments.






7. Gang Up


Gang Up


Assist is very important in a Two-Headed Giant format, isn't it? Since your partner can help you pay the cost, you'll be able to get rid of huge creatures without worry! Even if you're mana screwed, somebody can help you out if it's in their interest!

It also has a rather cute card name, and it is likely a funny moment when two players are "ganging up" on one poor little creature. We don't condone bullying, but your opponents deserve it when they summon a nasty creature.




6. Bonus Round


Bonus Round


What's the first thing we thought of?

I'll just leave this here.





Having said that, if you actually build a Legacy around Bonus Round, things could get quite brutal especially when cards like Rite of FlameManamorphoseGitaxian ProbePonderBrainstorm, and Cabal Ritual exist.




5. Last One Standing



Oh no, did we upload the wrong image?

Sorry about that.

They do the same thing though.


Last One Standing


When the board's cluttered with creatures, randomly determining which is the hero of the hour is pretty much a laughing matter. You could end up killing everything on your side while you're opponent's bomb rare remains on the table. Still, a really strong card in multiplayer formats and Last One Standing will always make for a good story.

"Did you hear about the time where Joe cast Tempt With Vengeance and there were like twenty tokens on the board? No? Well, he cast Last One Standing after that, but Mary still managed to keep her Kozilek, Butcher of Truth alive."




4. Spellseeker




There are plenty of instants and sorceries in the game. 

Spell Seeker lets you grab anything from Brainstorm to Mind Spring, whether you need a quick fix in a tight spot or a big haymaker in the late game. Do you need counter magic? Grab one. Do you need a removal spell? Knock yourself out! 

Spell Seeker is going to make it into every single blue Commander deck and things get even more ridiculous when you blink, bounce, or recur it from the graveyard! Wait, it grabs Mana Drain, Ancestral Recall, and Time Walk too?





3. Victory ChimesSpectral Searchlight


Victory Chimes Spectral Searchlight


It's a lot of fun to give mana to whoever needs it or begs you for it. Things would have been a lot more fun if mana burn still existed, but both these artifacts are still pretty good in Two-Headed Giant or even Three-Headed Hydra! You have no idea how many people died to a flashlight back during the Ravnica Block days.




2. Pir's Whim


Pir's Whim


Things are getting personal. You actually have to blatantly declare your allegiances! By singling out some people as your enemies, you're almost certain to make some. Thank god you've made some new friends too.

Grudges will ensue, we guarantee it.

"Remember that time? You said I wasn't your friend. Well, have a good life."

You might never have a game night again.




1. Arena Rector


Arena Rector


Arena Rector obviously pays homage to Academy Rector and the nostalgia plays a huge role in ensuring that its one of the most popular cards in Battlebond.

There are plenty of large planeswalkers you'd like to cheat onto the battlefield, such as Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, Karn Liberated, Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh, Garruk, Apex Predator and so on!

Nice hair, by the way!



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