Holistic Wisdom: 7 Best Amonkhet Cards in Standard

by Freyalise on 18 April 2017, Tuesday


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Holistic Wisdom



Holistic Wisdom: 7 Best Amonkhet Cards in Standard 

The full Amonkhet card list has been released for a few days now. Which are the top cards in Amonkhet for Standard? Let's take a quick look!





7. Pull from Tomorrow 


Pull from Tomorrow



Stroke of Genius, Blue Sun's Zenith, Mind Spring, Sphinx's Revelation. Such cards have always played a crucial role in Standard because it enables a blue control deck to exist. While Pull from Tomorrow is a weaker card than its predecessors, it is exactly the type of card that will reward control players for prolonging the game until it reaches the late game for Pull from Tomorrow to win the game.




6. Hazoret the Fervent 


Hazoret the Fervent



Some of the other Gods are great in their own right but Hazoret the Fervent is probably the best thanks. Not only is it the only God with Haste, the condition to attack is also not difficult to achieve and also has an activated ability to provide some reach in aggro decks. It will be a major player in Standard for this combination of reasons.




5. Glorybringer




If Stormbreath Dragon or Kolaghan, the Storm's Fury is any indication, five mana Dragons with haste have been a good benchmark to fill the top curves of aggro and midrange deck. Killing a planeswalker while taking down another creature is an extremely gamechanging effect and can reverse the state of the board even with just a single hit. 



4. Cycling Dual Lands



There is no question that this cycle of dual lands will see play in Standard, and possibly even select decks in Modern. It coming onto the battlefield tapped is a drawback that players will be happy to deal with, since it isn't a dead card to draw in the late game. 




3. Cast Out 


Cast Out


Despite being one of the most expensive cards in its category (spot removal), Cast Out is probably one of the best Oblivion Ring variants to have ever saw print. It having both Flash and Cycling are great advantages, making it a great card for almost any situation. Expect to see Cast Out being cast a lot in Standard!

2. Drake Haven


Drake Haven

Drake Haven might not look like it is an extremely powerful card, but it is a card with extremely huge potential. The shell of Oath of JaceCensorCast Out and Irrigation Ditch form a good core to build this deck with and it completely dominates the game in a couple of turns.


1. Gideon of the Trials


Gideon of the Trials

Gideon of the Trials might contest against Gideon, Ally of Zendikar for spots, but the new Gideon's ability to stop opposing Vehicles and Gods makes it a very well-positioned card. While it may not be more powerful, it is a card with a new angle of attack, and costing only three mana is another thing that's going for it.





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