Holistic Wisdom: 5 Exciting Reprints in Ixalan

by Freyalise on 07 September 2017, Thursday


Holistic Wisdom: 5 Exciting Reprints in Ixalan


"Holistic Wisdom" is all about LISTS! This series is a result of Freyalise's exploration of Dominaria! Let's follow recent trends, hot decks, metagame calls, Magic pop culture and pretty much everything! Each week, we'll pick a topic and make a list that's both informative and fun to read!


Holistic Wisdom



With the upcoming rotation, a lot of things are going to change in Standard, likely for the better. Even without the full spoiler being out, Ixalan is looking very exciting with these 7 reprints! What are the best cards reprinted and previewed thus far?




Honorable Mention: Slice in Twain



Slice in Twain was a great card in Limited during the Scars of Mirrodin era but then again it was during an artifact block. Nonetheless, there are still some important artifacts and enchantments we have to deal with an I won't be surprised to see it make an appearance from sideboards, both in Limited and Constructed. Despite the hefty price tag, it replaces itself and gains you value!




5. Spell Pierce



If a card is good enough to see play in Legacy, it is likely also good enough to see play in Standard. Depending on whether there a tempo-oriented deck, Spell Pierce can be main deck quality or sideboard material. Negate is going to be contesting for a spot though, but one mana counterspells are always worth a reconsideration.




4. Opt



Opt saw heavy play during its Invasion times and this is the first time it has ever been reprinted. Since it is only one mana and it is also an instant, it smooths out your draws and enables you to keep more hands. This is a prized ability that can support midrange or control strategies who don't mind the card selection. You can even shave off a couple of lands if you're playing Opts!

You don't see as many cards as Impulse or Anticipate, but you knew that they were never going to give us Ponder or Preordain ever again. 

3. Check Lands


Glacial Fortress Darkwater Catacombs Dragonskull Summit 

Rootbound Crag Sunpetal Grove


These check lands might be boring but they are the bread and butter of all mana bases in the near future. Updated with new artwork, they will be an asset in upcoming months.




2. Lightning Strike



Abrade and Harnessed Lightning might be very premium removal spells but they might just get shafted for Lightning Strike. It's no Lightning Bolt (too powerful for Standard) but it does have the ability to be pointed at both creatures and players. In aggro decks, reach is very important and it's safe to say that Mono Red decks just got a little scarier.

Oh yes, it's also a first pick in Ixalan Limited without a doubt!




1. Duress



Without a doubt, Duress is the most important card in Ixalan to be reprinted. Hand disruption is a key card in beating midrange and control decks and provides you a quick and convenient way to gain information about an opponent's game plan and tear it apart. At just a single mana, it nabs your opponent most crippling spells, ranging from Vehicles to Planeswalkers. Duress is guaranteed to show up in all black sideboards in the upcoming years.




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