Holistic Wisdom: 5 Breakout Cards From PTRIX

by Freyalise on 06 February 2018, Tuesday


Holistic Wisdom: Top 7 Cards for RIX Limited

"Holistic Wisdom" is all about LISTS! This series is a result of Freyalise's exploration of Dominaria! Let's follow recent trends, hot decks, metagame calls, Magic pop culture and pretty much everything! Each week, we'll pick a topic and make a list that's both informative and fun to read!


Congratulations to Luis Salvatto for taking down Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan! The Modern weekend was filled with surprises, and the format remained diverse as ever. However, it had been a long time since the last Modern Pro Tour, so there were some surprises which rocked the field!

Here are some of the "new" cards (some of them still legal in Standard) which made a significant impact on Modern!






Burning InquiryGoblin LoreHollow One


Burning Inquiry Goblin Lore


While these cards have been played in Hollow One decks before, nobody took it seriously until Ken Yukuhiro, and the rest of Team Mushashi did so well at the Modern portion! There, they cheated out pairs of Hollow Ones as early as turn one.


Hollow One

Even if that did not pan out, the graveyard was likely to be filled up with things that you don't mind discarding, such as BloodghastFlamewake Phoenix, and you can also use those cards to delve into a cheap Gurmag Angler or Tasigur, the Golden Fang!




Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas


Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas


If you thought that Lantern Control was incapable of winning fast, think again.

The sideboarded Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas allowed you to close the game very quickly, either by attacking with 5/5 Mox Opals or by activating the ultimate to make your opponent lose upwards of ten life. Also, we hear that Collective Brutality is great if you're on the damage/burn plan!

Manamorphose (in Death's Shadow)




Manamorphose has been a staple in numerous decks, most notably Blue-Red Gifts Storm but Josh Utter-Leyton innovated and housed it in Death's Shadow! Quite like Gitaxian Probe, it cycles for "no mana," and even helps you out when you're under the influence of an opponent's Blood Moon, or when you're just color-screwed yourself. It also adds one more card to the graveyard, which is excellent for delving too!






Who would have expected Opt to see play so heavily at Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan?

It was seen in Blue-Red Pyromancer, Jeskai Control, Jeskai Breach, Madcap Moon, Blue-Red Kiln Fiend, Grixis Shadow and also White-Blue Control! For a format which used to have Preordain, we certainly are surprised to see Opt seeing so heavy play.

If anything, the Invasion version makes me reminisce the old times! 




Hostage Taker


Hostage Taker


Seen as a singleton in Traverse Shadow sideboards, it is extremely versatile and Traverse the Ulvenwald into a rather scary target. In the mirror, you can steal an opponent's Death's Shadow, and against Lantern Control, you can exile Ensnaring Bridge even if Welding Jar is in play.

The ability to target both creatures and artifacts is what makes it incredibly versatile!



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