Holistic Wisdom: 10 Best Unstable Cards for EDH

by Freyalise on 04 December 2017, Monday


Holistic Wisdom: 10 Best Unstable Cards for EDH


"Holistic Wisdom" is all about LISTS! This series is a result of Freyalise's exploration of Dominaria! Let's follow recent trends, hot decks, metagame calls, Magic pop culture and pretty much everything! Each week, we'll pick a topic and make a list that's both informative and fun to read!


As announced on MTGCommander.net (and linked from DailyMTG.com), silver-bordered cards are legal up until the next Banned and Restricted Announcement (15 Jan).

We certainly hope it can become a permanent thing going forward - we don't see why it shouldn't be since it doesn't hurt a casual format - but in celebration of Unstable, here are the 10 best cards from Unstable that you can add to your decks!




Honorable Mention: Entirely Normal Armchair


Entirely Normal Armchair


Admittedly, it's two-mana conditional spot removal but it is always part of the fun to sneak it on the table - just like Cheatyface. With so many players constantly distracted with complicated board states, you should be able to slip this armchair under one of your own permanents!

Troll your opponents, big time!

10. Knight of the Kitchen Sink


Knight of the Kitchen Sink


In a world where black-bordered cards run rampant, Knight of the Kitchen Sink is practically untouchable except for mass removal effects. Either that or players could swap out black-bordered versions of Swords to Plowsharess for white-bordered versions.

Either way, it will cause a lot of headaches and dish out a lot of concrete damage until your opponents find a way out.




9. Staff of the Letter Magus


Staff of the Letter Magus


In multiplayer games where spells are flying up, down, left, right, and center, Staff of the Letter Magus is going to gain you a lot of life, especially when many Commander games go on for a long time. Just be sure to remember your triggers!

A perfect addition to your life gain decks! I wouldn't choose Q, X or Z though. I'm sure you can come up with something better.




8. Better Than One


Better Than One


Better Than One is better in the late game than in the early game, where you're happy to split up half of your hand, library, and creatures with another person to gain an additional turn! With a guaranteed ally on your side, that's an additional draw step, double the mana (since you also get two untap steps), and more attacks as the game progresses!

It's a great deal and it also allows innocent bystanders to get involved with your game - if they want to!


7. Do-It-Yourself Seraph


Do-It-Yourself Seraph


Do-It-Yourself Seraph is amazingly fun. You can always search up a Darksteel artifact (Darksteel Forge works well) to give it indestructible. Give it shroud with Drill-Skimmer or Inkwell Leviathan (only for blue decks, sadly) as well as Etched Champion to protect it further.

You can also grab Crawlspace for self-defense, Crucible of Worlds or Mind's Eye for card advantage, Damping Matrix or Null Rod to shut everything else down, or Blightsteel Colossus for the instant kill.

Oh, then there's also Gleemax for world domination.

The possibilities are unthinkable! By the way - just to share some useless trivia - there are exactly 777 rare and mythic rare artifacts as of today! Hurrah to Unstable and your Contraptions!



6. Everythingamajig




Obviously pairing well with Giant Fan and suitable for decks which are built to abuse counters, Everythingamajig also interacts well with Commander favorites such as Doubling SeasonHardened Scales, and Winding Constrictor.




5. Ineffable Blessing


Ineffable Blessing


It takes a little work but it is not difficult to abuse Ineffable Blessing.

You can update your deck to change all creatures without flavor text into a version with flavor text - or vice versa - and remember that token cards also work! If you're not playing your personal Howling Mine, you should!

4. Oddly Uneven


Oddly Uneven


Whenever you can break the symmetry on a global effect, you should consider it! Oddly Uneven is another card which can be rigged to your favor, you can completely destroy an opponent's board while leaving your own creatures untouched. 




3. Animate Library


Animate Library


This is an unprecedented moment in history. R&D is busted.

They printed an 80/80 creature for six mana. While it's also great in Battle of Wits decks, it's pretty much awesome in Commander as well.

Throw in some protection in the form of Lightning Greaves or Darksteel Plate and give it some evasion (or TRAMPLE) and start picking out your opponents one by one!


2. Graveyard Busybody


Graveyard Busybody


Wow, this card is awesome! In addition to being a bigger nosey parker than you already are, you get to reap the benefits of whatever in your opponent's graveyards.

You can Raise Dead or Reanimate your opponent's creatures and cast their flashback, aftermath, or eternalize cards. Crucible of Worlds becomes much better with more options. 

If they have Incarnations such as Wonder, you get those bonuses too. And if you don't have Threshold, you pretty much get it instantly. Archangel's Light could gain you a hundred life or more.

It's also a rather huge beatstick but you have to constantly keep tabs on everyone's graveyards, which is pretty much the essence of Graveyard Busybody.




1. Split Screen


Split Screen


In a format where the games go longer (and where everyone has a much bigger deck), splitting your deck into four certainly will go a long way!

Since you can draw from any library and shuffle any library of your choice, you can be assured that the card quality of your future draw steps is all going to improve significantly.

Fair warning though. The card is not good if you're running a lot of tutors and you need to hunt down a specific card, although that is a drawback we're willing to bear.

This is an effect that is really cool and while it's not overpowered, it will make you feel like a gamer god.




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