Felix Capule

Felix Capule

Player Bio
Felix started playing Magic: the Gathering way back Tempest, though he stopped for a long time. Once he came back during M10 days, he never looked back. Ever since then, he considers himself as a casual player, who really enjoys playing "fun decks" or what may seem to be fringe decks.

Felix enjoys playing formats like Commander and Brawl, though he occasionally plays Standard and Modern. since he rarely considers himself a Competitive player. Felix is the Tournament Organizer for the Pinoy Planeswalker Open Series, manages a blog that goes by the same name as the series and even manages a regional blog for Southeast Asian Judges. Community building is something that is very important to him, he handles projects about creating a welcoming environment, building and sustaining a community for new players.

Father And Son Stories at Philippines Nationals
14 August 2018, Tuesday by Felix Capule
Felix Capule attended Philippines Nationals and shares two stories about fathers and sons.

Magic Interest Standard Limited Magic Lifestyle
The Best Brawl Commanders in Core Set 2019
10 July 2018, Tuesday by Felix Capule
Felix Capule ranks his favorite Brawl Commanders from Core Set 2019!

Brawl Commander EDH Casual Core Set 2019
The Cunning Castaway and the Brawl Bans
13 June 2018, Wednesday by Felix Capule
Felix Capule addresses the recent bans in Brawl and also shares a blue Brawl deck!

Brawl Commander Standard Casual EDH
Why We Should Embrace Brawl
22 May 2018, Tuesday by Felix Capule
Felix Capule loves the brand new format - and so should you!

Dominaria Brawl Commander

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