Eduardo Sajgalik

Eduardo Sajgalik

Player Bio

Eduardo Sajgalik is a multinational traveller now based in Montreal, Canada. Despite that, his Magic roots began in France, and he picked up the bulk of his lifetime Pro Points while living in the United Kingdom.

Over the last few years, Eduardo Sajgalik forged deep friendships with Team MTG Mint Card’s numerous globetrotters during their escapades. As a strong analytical thinker who isn’t afraid to speak his mind and share his wisdom, he is an integral part of Team MTG Mint Card’s playtesting process.


Pro Tour Aether Revolt 2017 - 4th
Pro Tour Return to Ravnica 2012 - 5th
Grand Prix Detroit 2016- 6th
Grand Prix Florence 2015 - 4th
Grand Prix Milan 2015 - 6th
Grand Prix Barcelona 2011 - 4th
World Magic Cup 2013 – England Captain
World Magic Cup 2016 – England Captain
World Magic Cup 2017 – Canada Captain
2 National Champion titles

My 2018 Pro Tour Hall of Fame Ballot
22 August 2018, Wednesday by Eduardo Sajgalik
Eduardo Sajgalik shares his 2018 HOF Ballot, as well as countless stories about the community!

Hall of Fame Magic Lifestyle Pro Tour
Deep Diving on BBE & JTMS
06 April 2018, Friday by Eduardo Sajgalik
Eduardo Sajgalik evaluates a plethora of Bloodbraid Elf and Jace, the Mind Sculptor decks in Modern!

Constructed Modern RIX
The 12 February 2018 B&R Announcement
13 February 2018, Tuesday by Eduardo Sajgalik
Welcome back Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Bloodbraid Elf!

B&R Constructed Modern

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