Commander Gems in Amonkhet

by Chapman Sim on 20 April 2017, Thursday

Chapman Sim

Commander Gems in Amonkhet


As always, I tend to subconciously filter out the good cards for Commander when a new card list is released. It's also a great time to do some minor updates to my deck, and before that happens I need to take a mental note of a few cards to lookout for when the expansion releases.

And now, I'm sharing that list with you! =)





Anointed Procession Forsake the Worldly


Anointed Procession is a white version of Parallel Lives, and you guys know how awesome these "Doubling Season" effects are. Forsake the Worldly might not be as good as Return to Dust, but the fact that it exiles and cycles makes it the first card of its kind. Owing to the need to remove Indestructible cards in Commander, some decks need such an effect in the maindeck.


Gideon's Intervention Dusk // Dawn


As for Gideon's Intervention, it pretty much shuts down one opponent's strategy simply by naming that player's Commander. He cannot cast his Commander and cards that usually interact well with that Commander may become awkward. He cannot even kill you with his Commander. It also helps you out in random sticky spots. Dusk // Dawn is a board sweeper that's great for some decks which run small creatures. Taking out the board while keeping your own is very relevant, and we haven't even got to the other half yet! Definitely a great build-around card.


Honorable Mentions: Aven Mindcensor reprint is nice. Regal Caracal makes you want to build a cat deck. Cast Out is also extremely solid in all white decks but nothing super flashy.






Drake Haven Hieroglyphic Illumination New Perspectives


Drake Haven is an extremely fun card even if you have to sacrifice some card choices and yet maintain some form of quality in your deck. For example, you can always swap Mana Leak (if you're playing it) for Miscalculation if you intend to run Drake Haven. All blue decks also gain Hieroglyphic Illumination, which isn't too bad actually. You can also play some transmute cards or pair them with another color for tutors and really have a good experience with Drake Haven. I really love this card and I'm hoping to perhaps build a Jeskai cycling deck with Lightning RiftAstral Slide and more! 

However, New Perspectives is extremely exciting with cards like Decree of Annihilation and Resounding Thunder type of cards! Perhaps I'll write about this and share it with you guys next week. It just sounds like so much fun! Needs some research though.


Pull from Tomorrow


Aside from the five cycling dual lands, the most important card from Amonkhet for Commander is Pull from Tomorrow. It will make it to the majority of blue decks because it is a card that scales very well in the long game and the effect of discarding a card really doesn't matter as much. Having another Mind Spring is really good and I'm likely grabbing 10 copies for all my blue decks.


Honorable Mentions: Censor is decent in some style of decks since you can always catch an opponent off-guard in a world with super big spells. As Foretold might be fun to build around. 






Faith of the Devoted Liliana, Death's Majesty Liliana's Mastery


Faith of the Devoted's effect isn't that huge like Drake Haven unless you're playing against many players. It's not difficult to support and I can see it being very annoying at the table. Liliana, Death's Majesty and Liliana Mastery are both very lovable cards and look extremely fun to play with and can easily fit into many decks.


Honorable Mentions: Shadow of the Grave has several nifty combo applications. Never // Return is decent if you want to have one or two ways to kill Planeswalkers, and also to gain a little value later on. 






By Force Sweltering Suns


There are many mana rocks in Commander, making By Force is one of the best cards since Shattering Spree and Vandalblast! We recently got Release the Gremlins, which is also very good and now we have By Force! Sweltering Suns should also fit into most Red decks because you sacrifice so little to play it. Like Starstorm, it has cycling, and has the ability to impact the board greatly, making it an well-rounded card.


Honorable Mentions: Combat Celebrant is pretty scary in an aggro deck built to abuse Relentless Assault or Rath of Furnace effects. Glorious End and Hazoret's Favor have niche applications.






Harvest Season Sandwurm Convergence Vizier of the Menagerie


Harvest Season is great in big mana decks with many creatures. Sandwurm Convergence is such a fun card for mana ramp decks. It's effect is huge and it is extremely fun. Vizier of the Menagerie is also very good, because Oracle of Mul Daya and Courser of Kruphix style of cards are always welcome.


Honorable Mentions: Dissenter's Deliverance is not too bad and cycles cheapy.Oashra Cultivator is also decent and simple. Prowling Serpopard is good against blue obviously but still very niche. Shefet Monitor is also decent like Krosan Tusker but nothing spectacular. Mouth // Feed is also a lot of value.






Blue-Green is the color pair to receive the most cards from Amonkhet, way more than any other color pair.


Bounty of the Luxa Nissa, Steward of Elements 

Weaver of Currents Spring // Mind


Bounty of the Luxa is an amazing card for any Simic deck. It draws you cards and ramps you into casting those big spells. Excellent! Nissa, Steward of Elements is a lot of fun while being great for both the early game and late game. Weaver of Currents and Spring // Mind are both very solid cards that help support most strategies.


Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons Samut, Voice of Dissent Neheb, the Worthy


Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons and Samut, Voice of Dissent make very interesting Commanders and they look fun to build around. Neheb, the Worthy could pave the way for a Minotaur-themed deck.


Heaven // Earth


Heaven // Earth is perhaps the most important sweeper that Gruul has received since Savage Twister.


Honorable Mentions: Rags /// Riches is not bad actually, even if both halves are worse than other similar effects.




Artifact and Land


Throne of the God-Pharaoh Oracle's Vault Pyramid of the Pantheon


Throne of the God-Pharaoh is the best card in multiplayer games. It is quite brutal actually, since it costs so little mana and has a huge impact quickly. 



The cycling dual lands are very important additions and it seems like they were crafted exquisitely for Commander. What nice cards these are! They're great alongside your fetch land mana bases and has cycling!



Honorable Mentions: Cascading Cataracts is a slow but decent mana-fixing option in 3 to 5-color decks and is an indestructible Crystal Quarry that gives you the option to get mana in any combination instead of just WUBRG. Wow, much power creep! New Evolving Wilds artwork and new full art Basic Lands to watch out for also!


Thanks for reading and I hope you like my insights on Commander! And good luck with those Amonkhet Invocations this weekend! =)




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