4 Reasons I Fell In Love With Magic

by Chapman Sim on 01 December 2017, Friday

Chapman Sim


4 Reasons I Fell In Love With Magic

Magic is a beloved game with millions and millions of players around the world. While everyone has different reasons for playing Magic, here are the four main reasons to why I fell in love with Magic.

If you have some time to spare, I'll like to share with you my personal experiences in my twenty years of playing Magic and why I love it to this day. Without further ado, let's begin.



1. The High Replayability

There are many games on the market, ranging from board games, console games, computer games, mobile games, and so on. With so many options competing for our time and attention, why has Magic captured my heart?


Replayability is a very important factor. With so many different formats (and so little time) to experience, Magic is always fresh and interesting. Since new cards are added to the pool every quarter, the game is constantly evolving and things never get stale. To date, there are over 17000 unique cards and that number continues to increase over time. Just imagine the possibilities!

Aside from the official formats such as Sealed Deck, Booster Draft, Standard Constructed, Modern Constructed, Legacy Constructed, Commander, Two-Headed Giant, Cube Draft, there are also tons of unofficial, casual formats.

For instance, there is Bring Your Own Block (which asks players to build a deck by picking three expansions throughout the game's history), Penny Highlander (which is a Magic Online casual format asking you to build a deck with a hundred cards which each cost 1 cent each), and Tiny Leader (a variant of Commander except you play with 60 cards and a Commander which costs 3-mana or less). There is also Solomon Draft, Memory Magic, Mini Masters, Pauper, and the wildly-hilarious Back Draft (where you draft the worst cards in each booster and give your card pool to an opponent).

The high replayability of Magic is what attracts me greatly, compared to other games where it gets boring after a few repetitions. This is also why Magic players play the game all their lives whether continuously or intermittently. Once you know the rules, you can always be back - even few years down the road - to enjoy a match of Magic.



2. The Organised Play System

Not only does the game have to be good, I also look out for strong Organised Play. If I'm investing precious resources and time into a game, I want the game to be strong and lasting.

As a player of countless Trading Card Games, I've seen and experienced a lot of good games fail and get discontinued as a result of poor support. Poor support is one of the biggest push factor which pushes players away from the game and that results in a game's demise altogether. In fact, I've seen this happen so many times that whenever I am exposed to a new game, my first priority is to always do research on Organised Play to determine if I would like to devote to it.

Magic has the best track record in the industry in terms of Organised Play. Starting from Friday Night Magic, Prereleases, all the way to Grand Prix Trials, Pro Tour Qualifiers, Grand Prix, and Pro Tours, there is a suitable level for each and every Magic player to be part of the ecosystem.

That's a truly important network since it allows players to find other players and connect with one another. The Wizards Play Locator is pretty much a like "Cerebro" in our world.

Over the years, Magic's Organized Play system has undergone numerous ups and downs but the spirit still lives on. You can always find some tournaments to attend at whichever level you wish to game. This structure remains the foundation of a successful Trading Card Game.


3. The Travel Opportunities

Magic's Organised Play system has introduced a fascinating facet which is uncommon in other games.

Due to its international scope, tournaments are held regularly around the world. In 2018, the Grand Prix Circuit visits around fifty cities around the world, providing us an opportunity to play higher level Magic while seeing the world at the same time.

To me, this is a very rewarding experience which few other games can offer. It is not uncommon for friends and family to travel for Magic tournaments together, while enjoying a few days - or weeks - of vacation time before and after. 

I won't go too deeply into the benefits and pleasures of traveling but I think we can all agree that it is a rewarding experience. Aside from broadening your own horizons, learning more about yourself and others, it's also promotes a healthier body and mind.



4. Friends and Relationships

I've fostered numerous strong friendships and meaningful bonds over the last two decades through Magic and I dare say that these bonds will last a lifetime. I literally have friends in every single country where Magic is present. Even though we don't see each other all the time, we will always have something to talk about when we meet and it's always a refreshing feeling to meet an old friend.

Indeed, one aspect why this game is so appealing is due to the ability to make and meet friends from around your country and around the world. Before I began playing competitive Magic and traveling around the world hunting for Pro Points and Pro Tour invites, I made a lot of friends locally from most of the major card stores in Singapore. I began stepping out of the country, participating in tournaments from Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, also making a lot of friends along the way.

Then, when I was invited to Team MTG Mint Card, my sphere increased to all of Asia, which comprised of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and more. And as I continued to meet more players, my network expanded to a point where I have friends from nearly every Magic country. And together, we continue to forge precious memories through playing this game we love.


Of course, I'm also blessed to be closely-connected to the community as an reporter-writer of the Official Coverage Team, as well as my involvement with MTG Mint Card. This is a deeply rewarding way to meet new people and maintain friendships which last a lifetime.

My life would have been very different without Magic and I am glad to have been part of it. Thank you for being a part of me.

The Traveling Philosopher,
Chapman Sim

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